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Here's what is about to happen ๐Ÿ˜‰ (a higher dimensional perspective)

In my first new video since July, I'm excited to share more about the journey I've been on. It's been a wonderful time to transition away from the status quo of busy thinking and doing into stillness and being.

"To emerge into the next version of ourselves we must release the previous version and make space for what wants to be".

As Iwrite this, I'mwatching the snowflurries come down in the woods. The trees, turkeys, deer and bears (a mama and three curious cubs) have been our visitors this year. Our forest friends (the transdimensional sasquatch folk) have also made several visits.

My little family unit has enjoyed spending more time with one another while pursuing our interests. Our multidimensional healing work continues to expand and inspire my passion for evolving what it means to be human.

A couple of my Emergence groups finished their program last month; their journey toward ever greater self love and sovereignty were transformational. I am so grateful to be doing this work in concert with such beautiful souls at this time!

In this new message, I also share the response I channeled to the question "What do you think is going to happen?", put to me by a client several weeks ago. It's a higher dimensional perspective of what we're all up to right now Listen to my weekly vlog here.

Happy New Moon!! And THANK YOU for all of the lovely notes you've been sending in. I appreciate them and YOU so very much!

In Unity

Aja Love


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