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Unity through Vulnerability 💗 A Path to Higher Consciousness

I filmed this message from a podcast studio in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. After a couple of years of retreat and deep solitude, I'm embracing new adventures, including joining a wonderful co-working space and community!

Let's talk about the importance of neuroplasticity, identity plasticity, and the joy of reinventing ourselves. We often get stuck in ruts, clinging to old ideas of who we think we are. But who we are is such a malleable concept!

Before we entered this world, we chose our physical forms and attributes to align with our soul’s plan and purpose. Now, in 2024, it’s time to bring forth everything we’ve accumulated, remembered, integrated, activated, and cleared.

This is an invitation into the birth of a new unity consciousness family. We are shedding old beliefs, stepping out of small boxes, and allowing ourselves to be in the void of not defining who we are.

This process is a continuation of the conversation we’ve had over the past two years—when we let go of who we think we are, we become available to the greater truth of who we actually are. And at the core of that truth is love. It always has been.

Despite the demands of our human forms, families, and responsibilities, imagine infusing all our expressions with the expansive energy of love.

Remember the message I received in the desert outside Sedona in 2019 after asking what humanity wanted to remember most? "Love is our birthright, not fear." This means committing to a lifestyle of shadow work and self-awareness, seeing our shadows and wounded motivations revealed.

Sometimes, life circumstances make us retreat and reformat. It’s all in divine alignment. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and exposed across multiple dimensions of our lives is challenging, but it increases our ability to handle vulnerability in a culture that hasn’t normalized it.

We’ve come a long way in human evolution, from public torture to unpacking shame and discussing emotions. This doesn’t make us weak; it makes us strong. If we’ve healed our shame, it can’t be weaponized against us. This journey involves self-exposure, cleaning out the foundation of fear, and allowing love to flood through.

This inner revelation doesn’t require external study; it’s about being your own guru. Initiate your inner revelation by inviting your shadow to show itself and welcome it.

Human evolution depends on our willingness to see and integrate our unconscious motivations. It takes courage to acknowledge our actions, but it doesn’t have to result in shame. By doing this work, we develop resilience and the ability to navigate vulnerability, ultimately creating balanced and harmonious lives.

Engaging deeply in this work has a profound payoff. It’s not just about enduring discomfort but about achieving a sense of balance. As we rebuild our structures, we create lives free from unconscious motivations that sabotage our desires. This heartfelt invitation is for you to delve deeper into these reflections, helping to elevate humanity and shift our consciousness towards love and unity.

Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting a global meditation event at noon New York time to celebrate the summer solstice. I invite you to join me in this powerful collective experience. And I’m excited to announce a new program, a culmination of all my work, designed to support you on your journey of transforming density into higher love... stay tuned!

Together, we can shift the consciousness on Earth towards peace, love, and unity, taking our civilization into its next, more harmonious expression.

Thank you for being part of this community. I love hearing your thoughts and insights, so leave me a comment on the video! Remember, we’re all in this together, walking each other home.

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love

As we approach the Summer Solstice, the vitality and energy in the air are palpable. I'm excited to be hosting a global meditation event on Thursday, June 20th, at 12:00 PM New York time, 5:00 PM London. Let's sync our hearts and bring higher love alchemy into service together!

Join the Global Meditation Event:  Date: June 20th  Time: 12:00 PM New York | 5:00 PM London  Event Details

And don't forget, the Healing with Higher Harmonics Virtual Clinic still has some seats open for June 23rd. This event is perfect for those feeling called to deeper multidimensional experiences.

Healing with Higher Harmonics Virtual Clinic:  Date: June 23rd  Clinic Details

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