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Today is my Awakening Anniversary 💗

I'm sharing more of my awakening/remembering journey as a way to help everyone prepare for developments unfolding now. Just keep in mind, we signed up for this wild ride in our pre-birth plans And, we are all fractals of Source, having an experience to see how much we can expand back into Love from the density of a physical experience!

A couple of weeks ago, a few of my Little People (Yunwi Tsundi to the Cherokee, Menehune in Hawaii, etc.) friends popped in to wish me what felt like "Happy Birthday". Only, it wasn't my birthday. After a second of reflection, I realized that it was the day my father crossed over in 2009, the day the doors to multidimensional reality got kicked wide open for me. So, yes, it is was Awakening Anniversary!

When I reflect on the 14 years of this wild ride, I'm truly in awe, feeling both privileged and sometimes befuddled by the knowledge this greater awareness has afforded me. And as I type, the white feather I asked my friends for yesterday as an anniversary gift just floated down out of the sky. This has been a long time gift from the Little People and the Sasquatch People for the multidimensional field work I do. From France to Egypt, Bali to Hawaii, the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians, the white feather has shown up as a gift of gratitude. How fun is that?!

So, as I soak in the sunrise this morning overlooking the hazy foothills of the Ozarks in eastern Oklahoma, I am taking a moment to appreciate how far I've come and how much courage it's taken to be this far out in front, especially when the world (and friends and family) mocked me for it.

What felt like an abrupt left turn all those years ago became a non-stop crescendo of metaphysical experiences, each more "far out" than the last. At each expanded level of direct experience of multidimensional reality, I had the same feeling. "Wait, as if I wasn't weird enough?"

I began to question whether all of this expansion was going to leave me too far removed from the mainstream experience. But, interestingly, the collective has been expanding its perceptual field, throwing off the effects of what has now been disclosed as "strategic perception management" through intentional disinformation.

Spirit mediums used to be treated as charlatans, but now they are being featured on morning talk shows. Research institutions ignored channelers as delusional, but are now engaged in serious study of their ability. The existence of the Sasquatch People used to be laughed off as the product of hoaxers, but university students are now enjoying presentations by long time experiencers.

People who had died, crossed over and came back with their incredible experiences (and activated metaphysical abilities) used to be treated as pariahs, now they are sharing their experience in droves on YouTube.

And aliens and ufos have long been discounted as the domain of tinfoil hat wearing crackpots, but now respected military and defense contractor whistleblowers have been provided with lawful channels. And they are submitting formal testimony to the U.S. Congress detailing their experiences.

In early June, the U.S. Senate passed legislation requiring "a comprehensive list of all non-earth origin or exotic unidentified anomalous phenomena material" within the next six months. Wow. It's not the same world, is it?

Although the onset was sudden and incredibly intense at times, I'm grateful for the ongoing evolution of my awakening. If too much had been revealed too soon, I just wouldn't have shared any of it with the world. Heck, I might not have gotten out of bed!

Many of you probably read the story of my awakening in my book "How Mommy Got Her Magic Back". It leads up to the the Arc of the Covenant trip I was about to embark upon in 2018. From that point on, the intensity of the journey (and a need to gather more information and experience to understand them) has precluded an update to my personal story. Perhaps once we're a bit further along in collective disclosure, I'll add the rest. Yup, it involves regressive extraterrestrials, ufos, black ops helicopters, and a much bigger intergalactic/interdimensional context. There is a reason my license plate reads LOVE 007!!

If my experiences were meant to remain just mine alone, I wouldn't feel compelled to share them, but I've been told that I needed to navigate these rememberings before the rest of humanity in order to help provide a steady, loving heart during the times we are now currently in and the developments unfolding now.

My passion for the right of all beings to evolve has allowed me to show up again and again for what is so obviously the soul purpose of service I arranged during my pre-birth planning. When I first started following my inner guidance to channel, I did so in secret and told no one. I had to negotiate with my own inner skeptic (and critic) before I was ever going to go public with this work!

Fast forward to more than a decade later and I am humbled to reflect on how my willingness to come out of the spiritual closet again and again has allowed me to help so many people. I can't tell you how many times people have written in to say "thank you! I felt like I was crazy (and my family still thinks so) but you have validated so much of my own experience".

The gaslighting multidimensional experiencers have endured has been intense.

In my experience working with people all over the world, most of the trauma associated with awakening comes not from the experience itself, but from the straight up rejection (based in fear) from loved ones (and the larger culture).

The crisis that ensues every time you have to accommodate a major reality shift is hard enough, but the invalidation to outright denial of your truth is a compounding factor for why so many people don't want to ever talk about their experiences.

Especially for those of you awake as children, the intensity of the anger about what you could feel and see would have sent that part of you into deep hiding!

I know now that I would never have been able to live out my soul purpose of service if I didn't learn the art of surrender and choose to be vulnerable.

And here's the kicker - I didn't know that I had this amazing set of multidimensional gifts. I had to be willing to put them into service to find out!

I'll be creating some more content to share the larger context of what is playing itself out here on Earth soon. In the interim, you can join my list to stay informed (I send email updates and vlogs out regularly) here:

What an amazing time to be embodied on planet Earth!

In Unity A’sha Love


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