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There's Nothing You Can't Heal 💠 and There's Nothing to Forgive

This week, in a real-time conversation with our Higher Self Collective, it became clear that we, as multidimensional beings, can bring a new level of awareness and healing to ourselves, our families and the entire human collective.

It's an inside job to clear the fear from our foundation, especially the ancestral, past or current life trauma that made us feel like we can't protect ourselves. That wounding is now being enervated by world events, providing us with the opportunity to clear the residual energy from our fields once and for all.

How cool is that? Imagine not schlepping this trauma and fear with you into yet another lifetime? The focus inward, away from projecting anger outward, is the only way to interrupt cycles of conflict here on Earth (and beyond).

Better yet, when we bring these fragments of ourselves back home, the paradigm of forgiveness radically changes. What is there to forgive when our point of view shifts from wounded disempowerment to feeling whole and safe, grateful for the experience our soul orchestrated for us?

How does this week's message land for you? Leave a comment on the video!

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love

P.S. Registration is now open for the Spring Equinox Virtual Retreat for those of you who on my mailing list and subscribed to my YouTube Channel. I'll be sharing (for the first time publicly) some of the downloads I received last spring.

Sunday, March 20, 2022 🌸 Ready to move fear out of your foundation?


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