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The Spells 🧾 We Cast

This week, I invite you to circle back to one of the cornerstones of an elevated human embodiment. What stories are you telling yourself; what spells are you casting? Words are powerful.

"Our bio-energetic field is like a record player; we are projecting a reality by broadcasting the harmony or disharmony of our field".

Our commitment to creating a different world always starts and ends with the field that we are. For me, I'm dissolving the story we hear so much these days. You know, this one: "We are so divided". No, I won't cast that spell. From my perspective, we are just exploring different values and dimensions of distortion. And in our active (and often vocal) expression, we are having our blind spots revealed through the Law of Cause and Effect.

In the middle of recording this message, it became apparent that the fractalization of our own field is being projected outward. This internal fragmentation cannot be solved through external effort; it has to happen from within.

The good news is that our Higher Selves will continue to present us with opportunities to have our distortion reflected back to us. What spells are YOU ready to stop casting?

In Unity 🌐

Aja Love


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