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The Multidimensional Physics of the Now/Won/One 🌌

In this week's vlog, I fill you in on some more of the multidimensional work I've been doing here in North Carolina. My travel for this kind of work has taken me to many places not well known around the world. This time is no exception! It's very important to remember that free will choice is the foundation of an organic Living Creation. Re-upgrades to the fallen human template (no, we are not at the apex of evolution, my friends) are now available, but only if we choose them. Kind of like the latest technology. Do you get the more advanced model or content yourself with the one you've had for years, despite its limited capacity? Do you choose to move into unity consciousness (we are all one) or stay in the polarity dramas of victim/rescuer and us/them? These are very real choices with very real outcomes for our soul growth and re-evolution we are making right now. I also share why returning to the present moment is important in terms of multidimensional physics. The Now spelled backwards is Won and homonym is One. We are no longer lost, but one/won when we return to the now. This is the way Home and it can be found within our incredible multidimensional design. This is a good time to let go of ruminating about the past and reaching for predictions and forecasts about the future. These are highly co-opted spaces compared to the vertical pillar of your Living Multidimensional Codex of Creation. Look for a gifted Earth Day meditation later today or tomorrow. It's the first in a series of multidimensional meditations I've been guided to offer over the next 90 days designed to increase your Light Quotient. How does this week's message land for you? Leave a comment on the video or hit reply to this email and let me know. Appreciate these videos? You can "buy me a coffee" or make a donation. Thank you! In Unity 🌐 A'sha Love


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