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The Galactic Federation Revisited 😎

In light of the mainstream mention the Galactic Federation received this week (via Haim Eshed, former Brigadier General in Israel's Space Defense Forces), I thought it would be interesting to circle back to a channeled message from them I did for one of my groups last year.

As usual, the messages make even more sense now than when I channeled them. I hope you enjoy this week's video! I included much of the transcript of the federation's message below:

"In the early days of building out a civilization, you work in the form of conceptualization. You are working now with concepts built in unity consciousness, a foundation based in love, connection to the all, with no illusion of separation. You seek not to build walls of division and compartmentalization, but rather you seek to build a network of collaboration and connection.

You do this within your own plasmic fields first, bringing down the walls around your own heart, around your own prejudices, around your own limited beliefs. You collapse all of that into the zero point, so that what may now build out in the fertile environment of your plasmic field is based only in unity consciousness. This means that all judgments and projections pull back, fall away, and you move yourself into the incredible infinite potential of the zero point.

You release holding any animosity towards anyone or thing. You transcend the victim story or stories, plural, that have shaped the old identity. You release limited beliefs about what the human collective is capable of. You see no obstacles. You see only a blank slate and a high vibrational plasma field. You begin to link up your plasma fields. You hold the new vibrational coordinates for the structures that will resurrect themselves, activate themselves, time release themselves through your field.

You are walking activators holding key codes. The shift in identity is also about standing in the truth of who you are. When you do that, you literally change reality that appears to be external to you. The easiest way to phrase this is that you are collapsing walls and building bridges"

In Unity 🌐

Aja Love


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