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How to Raise a Starseed & the New Family Part 1✨ Channeled Message & Activations

If you're new here, a warm welcome! Multidimensional U (you) is a loving space dedicated to helping shift our human consciousness into a higher octave through the alchemy of higher love. We are pioneering the inner tech transfer of the multidimensional self, evolving the human race using consciousness-based inner technology.

Over the last decade, I've had the profound joy of assisting thousands of wonderful souls worldwide step into their soul-aligned purpose work. Together, we have experienced global meditation events, multidimensional experiences, planetary grid work, and the beautiful inner alchemy of personal transformation. This includes self-love, inner child shadow work, and psychic surgery, all aimed at moving ourselves at the individual, family, and collective level into a higher octave of embodiment. Our goal is to embrace unity consciousness, peace on earth, and create heaven on earth.

We are now in an active ascension process. This is not a fire drill or a dress rehearsal; this is the real deal. We have moved beyond awakening and are now actively ascending. Welcome to this beautiful journey. I hope you find love, support, activations, and shifts here. You might feel my energy shifting into this mode, meeting you well beyond the spoken word. My passion lies in the reactivation of the multidimensional self and multidimensional consciousness.

In this week's vlog, I channel on the new family and the new foundation. What is this new foundation in our relationships and family constructs that will help build a new civilization? Much of what we have been living through in our family constructs are hand-me-downs from ancestral trauma and distortional influences. It's not about blaming our ancestors; they did the best they could with the consciousness they had. Now, we take the alchemy of higher love and transmute it.

If you have followed the eight-part Higher Love Alchemy series, you know what I am talking about. If not, I highly recommend checking it out. Just be sure to build in time for rest after each meditation as you may experience significant purging (ascension flu)! This series will help keep you synced up with the cresting wave of the current ascension / dimensional blending we're experiencing right now.

Before I delve into the channeling, please help my YouTube channel grow (and reach the people who need these messages the most) by subscribing, hitting the notification bell, sharing, and commenting. Your rich and vulnerable comments make a huge difference in the type of community and conversation we have here. Thank you!

I am excited to announce the launch of my new program, Higher Love Family. This membership program includes three live webinars each month, with tiers for additional coaching for those seeking more support. It's an accessible $33 a month membership program designed to keep you in sync with the fast and accelerated shift in frequency and dimensional blend happening now. We are purging a lot of shadows and facing submerged aspects of ourselves, but we get to do this with greater grace and love.

We kick off with the first live webinar on July 4th, symbolizing greater self-sovereignty and self-liberation in our consciousness. I hope you'll join us!

Channeling the New Foundation

The integration of your own higher wisdom and remembering is at play now. Many of you have been receiving inspired downloads and directional shifts towards the path you planned here. Remember, you are much more than the human form and identity you were given at birth. These were assignments. You learned your lines, delivered them, and now it's time to drop the character and embrace a broader scope of self.

Begin to become curious about who you are beyond your limited human identity. Release your attachment to the need for security and open your heart to the truth of who you have been well before this human incarnation. This callback will relay more direct information to you. As you open your field and remember, your future direction will become clear. You have known all along what you are meant to do, but self-rejection and judgment have clouded your vision.

Allow the inner child to come out and play. This is vital in the family construct because you will model self-liberation instead of self-denial. As you pursue your greatest joy, all will unfold according to the plan you selected before you came here. Many of you are new world builders, meant to put in place cornerstones to build from. This may involve physical relocations or more deconstruction, but most importantly, it means reclaiming your inner child's greatest joy.

We are clearing impediments and blocks. Can you hear the champagne corks popping and see the hot air balloons lifting into the air? What is possible when you attune to the vibrational coordinates of joy? Focus on what excites your heart and watch what unfolds.

Personal Journey and Collective Path

I have followed twists and turns in my own journey. I left the west for North Carolina unexpectedly, took a leap of faith, and received resources the day I arrived. And I never imagined ending up in Oklahoma, but here I am, following my heart's excitement.

You may not know what the next year or three will bring, but allow yourself to follow what feels exciting. Ramses III once told me, "The pylons will rise to meet your steps." This has been true in my life, and it will be in yours too. Trust the process and let joy guide you.

I hope this channeled message (including the activations) resonates with you. Have the courage to pursue what speaks to your heart the most. You will face self-judgment and rejection, but do it anyway. Let me know how it goes. Remember, we have entered a Healing Renaissance, and it's all hands on deck.

If you missed the Summer Solstice Global Meditation, I highly recommend purchasing the replay. It was profound!

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love


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