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How to Navigate Ascension ❤️ The Highs & Lows

Welcome to this week's vlog and to the Multidimensional U space, where we are redefining what it means to be human, rising to new heights of conscious unity through the transformative power of higher love. If you’re new to this space, a warm welcome to you!

As we approach the summer solstice, it's the perfect time to reflect on the journey we've taken so far in 2024. As I reviewed our shared experiences and videos from this year, a clear and profound theme emerged: higher love alchemy. This concept has woven its way through individual journeys, divine complement relationships, and serves as the bedrock of our human experience.

In today’s vlog, I explore the oscillation we all experience between dense, fear-driven states and expansive, love-infused calm. This morning, I woke up at my usual early hour, around 4:00 AM, feeling a profound sense of peace. This serene state was fleeting, quickly replaced by the stress of some of my current challenges. Observing this shift reminded me of the contrast we navigate daily—the hero’s journey of our souls in this dense physical realm.

This spiritual gym challenges us to move from fear and contraction to trust and expansion on the daily! It’s vital to remember not to judge ourselves for those moments of fear and contraction. In the past, I’ve judged these states within myself, but the truth is, they are part of our journey. They need our unconditional love and acceptance.

Let’s take a moment to relax together. Close your eyes, relax your jaw, release your shoulders. In these moments of stillness, we can access that beautiful state of knowing and being, even when it feels elusive. This state is our birthright, a touchstone of expansive peace.

Interestingly, our souls crave the contrast of human experiences not out of masochism, but for the opportunity to alchemize and transmute these states. The journey isn’t about returning to oneness but realizing we never left it. Dropping the illusion of separation allows us to embrace our wholeness, reducing feelings of isolation and abandonment that pervade our ancestral lines.

This nuanced mindset shift is pivotal. As we move from awakening to full ascension, recognizing our inherent oneness transforms our healing and transmutation processes. It’s easier to heal when we remember ourselves as the entire ocean, viewing challenges as transient foam rather than our permanent state.

As we navigate this journey, tools like the Rumi card “Sacred Convergence” remind us of our mission to revolutionize humanity. Despite recent history’s polarity and trauma, we have a unique opportunity to evolve our species, creating a legacy of higher consciousness for future generations.

Thank you for joining this week’s reflection. How is your journey unfolding? Share your experiences and join our Friday live sessions for deeper integration and afterglow in the video comments. Remember, higher love isn’t all rainbows—it also brings up deep shadows. Take care of yourselves, stay hydrated, nourished, and rest well. Embrace self-love and compassion, and avoid judgment.

And... stay tuned for a major announcement on the summer solstice. I’m thrilled about a new project that will help us all claim higher ground using higher love alchemy well into the future.

I love you all deeply. Love yourselves and each other. This is the time we came for—let’s make the most of it and enjoy every moment.

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love

How to Work with Me:

Let’s co-create a world where love truly is the foundation! 🌐


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