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Harmonization is the Frequency that Unlocks the Way Home 💠

In this week's vlog, I fill you in on some of the multidimensional work I've been doing here in the southeast of the United States and underline aspects that are relevant and timely to ALL of us, both individually and collectively.

Much of my behind-the-scenes work this last decade has involved supporting Interdimensional races like the Sasquatch and Little People, very real groups of beings that humanity has relegated to myth and legend.

What kind of support? Well, helping them fix portals, grid lines, remove disruptive influences, activate higher dimensional gateways, remove implants, and most recently, diffuse conflict and rebuild alliances.

They've shown up either with telepathic communication or a knock on my home or RV, when camping, often both. After the work is complete, they leave me a feather (or two) and sometimes a loud "high-five" slap (in the case of Sasquatch) on the side of the camp trailer!

If you're reading this and thinking, "oh, boy, is she crazy?", not to worry. I get it. I was the exact same way before my father's illness and subsequent death catapulted me into my soul purpose here on Earth!

Have you ever stopped to consider why those "legends" exist the world over? I studied anthropology in college and at a certain point in my awakening, I realized my arrogance in dismissing the accounts of cultures around the planet.

Isn't the first part of the scientific method forming a question? But science is only as good as the questions it dares to ask.

The fallen state of our consciousness as the human race is now rising again. More and more people are waking back up to the magic of multidimensional reality.

These relationships are precious to me and I'm happy to share more of this work now. We're on the threshold of re-entering an Intergalactic/Interdimensional era. For many of us, we're already living this way, but in a somewhat bifurcated fashion.

Soon, the hard lines between planetary and portal systems will be gone and humanity will have to adapt. In the same way we came out of the dark ages and entered an age of exploration on our own planet, we are in the early stages of doing the same with regards to multidimensional exploration!

But there's work to do. Namely, harmonization.

For years, you've heard me encourage everyone to stop participating in the us/them polarity trap. You see, the frequency of harmony and balance is what unlocks our individual, planetary and time matrix gateways to higher dimensions of Home, what has sometimes been referred to as Ascension or Heaven on Earth.

This doesn't mean we have to agree with everyone 100% of the time. Rather, it's a matter of choosing to remember the Law of One and re-create a reality based in unity, not hierarchy. It means we are willing and committed to a practice of self-reflection so that we can take full responsibility for the life we've created and claim our divine birthright of love, not fear. It means we are willing to build a new foundation, or New Earth, within and without.

I hope you enjoy this week's video! How does this week's message land for you? Leave a comment on the video. Appreciate these videos? You can "buy me a coffee": or make a donation:

Thank you!

In Unity 🌐 A'sha Love

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