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Feeling Triggered? This Is Why 🙄

First, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the Higher Love Alchemy series. This eight-part transmission wrapped up on May 26th, but the journey doesn’t end there. We'll also be doing live afterglow and integration sessions for a few weeks. Look for more information soon.

Think of this healing work like a sump pump clearing out backed-up lines. We're diving deep, beyond the basement, flushing out the densest parts of ourselves until everything runs clear. Every one of us incarnated on Earth at this time is transmuting density, contributing to this global healing.

Here we are in our spiritual gym, waking up every morning, confronting our fears, and alchemizing them with Higher Love. This process isn't about immense effort but rather allowing and standing our ground against negative, intrusive thoughts.

Recently, I found myself slipping into old fearful patterns while grocery shopping. I reminded myself, "I am a divine fractal of Source. I am a sun radiating light, love, and power." Immediately, a couple appeared out of nowhere, down and out, asking for help. I connected with them, shared love, and gave them some cash. The transformation was magical—the woman’s joy was palpable, reflecting the love that we all share.

We all have unlovable feelings rooted in childhood trauma. The negative self-images we hold can create challenging life circumstances. By recognizing and loving these reclusive shadow parts within us, we can begin to heal. Just like that couple, our shadow parts often appear suddenly, and our work is to bring them home with love.

As we engage with the high frequencies of Higher Love alchemy, expect these deep, entrenched parts to surface. It won’t always be comfortable, but we have the power to turn and face them with so much love.

I'm thrilled to announce that registration for the June 23rd virtual "Healing with Higher Harmonics" clinic is open. These clinics are designed to upgrade our entire system, benefiting those who do grid work, hold regional codes, practice energy work or just feel called to participate. Expect enhanced clarity, knowing, and advancement in your human walk!

Wishing you all a magical, multidimensional day.

I love you so much!

In Unity 🌐

A'sha Love

How to Support Me As I Recover...

from a recent unexpected setback (and learn how to ask for and receive more help!) 😉

Let’s co-create a world where love truly is the foundation! 🌐


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