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Beyond Conscious 💗 Season 2 is Here!

Welcome to this safe space in which we're exploring the frontiers of human evolution through our own multidimensionality!

As I sit typing this note to you, with the delights of the holiday season surrounding me, I am moved with gratitude. I am immensely grateful that I have had the courage to apply this year what my Greater Self saw fit to bring to me last year. Has it been easy? Hell, no! Has it been worth it? Heavens, yes!

While most of the year has been about radically letting go of conventional ways of being for me, I have also very much leaned into and accepted my main reason for being embodied at this time: multidimensional field work intended to ensure access to evolutionary pathways Home for all. From repair and restoration work to clearing out consciousness traps, I’ve returned to what I love this year - world travel and multidimensional missions.

I also had to let go of seeking validation for this work in a world that has forgotten its multidimensional history. The validation was to be found internally, in the way that it lights me up and fulfills some deep part of me. While my interdimensional friends often celebrate with me, it is really up to me to choose to appreciate the work I’ve done. Maybe you can relate?

While I will continue to focus on field work, I will also share what I've learned from my own experience that I think may be most helpful to those of you seeking a more evolved, loving and peaceful embodiment.

In my podcast reboot that launches today, I’m excited to begin sharing these wisdom teachings and rememberings with you. As they often do, these downloads arrived across a series of early mornings in the spring of 2021.

What I thought would just be a nice trip to hot springs in Montana became a powerful invitation to live life differently from the Ultimate Source. It was as if my Greater Self was saying, “Okay, you’ve moved through that part of your awakening/remembering/ascension, now onward up the spiral!”.

Much of what I will share with you in the upcoming months isn’t new. These are ancient teachings that have been lost, neglected or simply ignored. I’m not the first to bring them through, nor will I be the last.

To be honest, I debated sharing them publicly. They’re too advanced. Who will choose to walk at this level? It’s already been taught, etc. In the end, I decided to once again get out of my own way and just share them. I’ll let you be the arbiter of your own growth/expansion/evolution.

This would be a good time to offer you the following disclaimer: you’ve entered a powerful multidimensional container by the spirit of your own Higher Self. This walk isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re ready for a new game, based in playful joy and creative expression rather than fear, lack, limitation and scarcity, you’re in the right place. Read on.

In the spirit with which many covenants have been created across the ages to ensure everyone’s access to the evolutionary process, I’d like to invite you to join me in celebrating Human Rights Day (December 10th). If you haven’t read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948, Paris) in a while, I invite you to review them here. The articles reflect the egalitarian values of the Law of One which, simply put, states that we are all part of the same One Source and that what we do to another, we are doing to ourselves. You know, the Golden Rule!

I’ve been passionate about human rights, especially the right to evolve, since the age of 15, when something essential to my life's purpose awoke within me. Looking back across the four and a half decades of my life, I see now that I have been working to help people trapped in lower states of embodiment evolve beyond a series of internalized limitations.

I’m oversimplifying some of the incredible multidimensional physics that go into human evolution. The foundation, however, has to be self liberation. The journey of transcending the limitations of this collectively created reality begins with our own free will choice, courageously and powerfully applied. Choosing to think, feel and act differently is the only way out of the internalized prison system.

So, in the first episode of my podcast, I am thrilled to bring you the Ultimate Reclamation:

"As you ease into greater stillness, you return to the origination point of all creation, which is contemplation. The thought form is the closest approximation to this original impulse to experience self as something separate from Source.

You are making the great return now, so there is an accompanying feeling of undoing all that you have done. It is not destruction as your human mind conceives of it, but rather a more complex process of regaining that which was perceived to be lost.

The ultimate reclamation project is of your Self as Source from this immense, infinite, immeasurable place of zero point stillness. You re-initiate the creation process free from, yet informed and inspired by all that you have created before.

Without contrast, there is no true understanding based in experience, only theoretical and conceptual creations. Thank all that has come before this day. Bless it and release it with love back into the grand void of self.

You are the deepest of wells in which the water never runs dry. Tap the deepest part of the wellspring you are now.”

It’s worth asking at this point in human history, “What are we doing here? What are we capable of? Who are we? Do we just have to go with the status quo? Or, could we possibly evolve and go beyond the current constructs? What would that look like and feel like?”

That conversation and contemplation is what this wisdom teaching is all about. The original impulse of Source is not survival. No, the primary principle of creation is contemplation and conceptualization.

Take a moment of appreciation and gratitude for just how powerful that moment of contemplation actually is. At the macro level, that moment can see entire universes created or uncreated. At the micro level, I think you can appreciate how one inspired idea changed the course of your life. Imagine not having had the idea, or acting upon it. How different would your life have been?

We can reimagine and then re-engineer our individual life experience. This is really good news! Even if we feel very stuck in the “who we are” now, we can recreate ourselves anew at any time. Going back to the zero point of stillness, we can reconceptualize anything. Back to the drawing board. We can recreate our identity constructs and so much more here.

Don’t attempt to make change. Allow change to make you anew.

In the void, there's a corollary to everything we see here, almost like a negative of a photograph. This is why this technology of using our inner landscape of the void to recreate our reality is so powerful and effective. Rather than focus on what is or what is not that is undesirable, we initiate a process where we let all of it go, knowing that we're not abandoning or destroying or even being disloyal to all that we've created before. All of that now serves as incredible reference material for future creation.

“You are the deepest of wells that never runs dry.” You have everything within you as part of your much greater multidimensional field that you need in order to create in this way. But it's not a mechanical creation. It's not an overly masculine process of doing. It’s an undoing, which requires an inversion in how much of our life force energy we spend propping up the old constructs.

Let’s face it. The void can be scary. Terrifying, even. Most of us have no formal training in how to work in this space. But I wager many of you, like me, have experience with it that came about “the hard way”, through illness, accident, or an unexpected turn of life events that sent us reeling out of the old constructs, like it or not!

It took me a while to remember, even though I showed an early penchant for human evolution, that we’re here to grow and evolve. It’s the journey Home to our Self as Source.

When we stay busy perpetuating our current forms of reality and identity constructs, then we don't allow what wants to be from our soul level (or beyond). If we’re brave and willing to orchestrate a release of the constructs that feel contracted (like a tight pair of shoes or worn out garment), these greater aspects of ourselves are expertly capable of coordinating a completely new creation and emanation that will likely knock our socks off! Yes, that’s personal experience talking.

This is why so many creatives take breaks in between projects and may even walk away from much of their past content or delivery. Their souls are dedicated to wayshowing the primary principle of Living Creation which is… creation, not unconscious repetition or mimicry.

On a final note, it’s worth remembering that there are no grades on the journey Home. Without contrast, there is no true understanding based in experience and exploration. Let’s choose to be grateful for all of that experience. Without it, we wouldn't have the kind of clarity we do in this moment regarding what kind of world we want to co-create.

I hope you enjoy this next season of “Beyond Conscious”. It’s going to be quite a journey!

Click below to watch Episode 1: The Ultimate Reclamation. You can also find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and iHeartradio.

Be sure to leave a comment if you found this episode helpful to your journey of evolution!

In Unity 🌐

A’sha Love


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