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Beyond Conscious ๐Ÿ’— Episode 4: Your Past Is Not Your Future

Welcome to this safe space in which we're exploring the frontiers of human evolution through our own multidimensionality. In the fourth episode of Season 2 of my podcast "Beyond Conscious, Becoming Multidimensional", I share the download I received about how we can create at new levels!

As part of our human journey, many of us project our thoughts into the future out of the desire to have psychic safety, a sense of comfort or control. What we may not realize is the extent to which we are unwittingly referencing our past as the source material for our future.

We forgot that we are creators and so we end up unconsciously recycling the same thoughts, derived from a collectively normalized drive to survive. If we are to create something truly new, we must reconstitute more of our Multidimensional Self, which holds a greater remembering about what is possible.

"You canโ€™t fully see your future because this is a part of your being that you have not reconstituted yet. You have glimpses, whispers and notions that are finding their way to you, but they get lost in the sea of mental confusion. The confusion exists because you are attempting to place it in the context of your older constructs, rather than within the fully reconstituted Self where they belong.Allow your Self to remain in the void of non-understanding in order to allow the egoic identity constructs of who you have been to remember full surrender. In time (different vibrational coordinates) you will reconstitute the rest."

I hope you enjoy this episode of my podcast!

In Unity ๐ŸŒ

Aโ€™sha Love


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