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A Powerful Light Technique for You in Dark Times✨

During these dark times (both literal and figurative), I want to share a powerful technique I was given after conducting some grid work on a recent trip to Idaho. Frankly, we need more of this advanced metaphysical tech when the power of positive thought isn't enough!

Look for more positive disclosure from me as move into the New Year. I am recording a several part interview series to share what is being done across multidimensional levels to support the continued evolution (as opposed to regression) of the human species.

I do believe we are in the dark night before the dawn. So for those of you struggling to remain hopeful, don't give up your vision of Home/Heaven here on Earth just yet. Keep an open heart and bring forth the love and light (while maintaining boundaries with the victim, rescuer, and victimizer within and without)!

You can watch the video on my Mighty Network or over on my YouTube Channel.

In Unity

A'sha Love

P.S. Registration is Open! for a Winter Solstice Retreat on Tuesday, December 21st


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