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A Note of Reflection & Gratitude 💗

As we wrap up this year of radical disruption to the status quo, the yin time of winter offers the perfect container in which to reflect and process (integrate) all that has happened.

My individual experience of disruption began a month or two before the collective disruption. I was well into another phase of deconstruction (making huge changes in both my business and personal life) before the rest of humanity joined me in dismantling what was.

This year reminds me of the earth-shifting events I experienced in 2011/12, when my awakening went into full force, leaving me feeling disoriented and disconnected from who I had been. You can read the full story in my e-book, but suffice it to say that all of my expectations and plans went out the window as a much larger vision for my life downloaded and disrupted my current identity construct.

Ten years ago, that event was much more painful and difficult because I did not have the perspective and understanding I do now. If I did, I would have anguished and resisted much less, surrendering in faith to the unfolding of my greater self and the magic of becoming multidimensional. If I knew all of those endings were simply new beginnings, I would have chosen to enjoy the ride so much more.

So, that's what I did this year. After a busy spring, I took 3 months for play time. Jude, Paola and I spent a lot of time exploring the natural world here in Montana, in quiet connection with a more expansive reality... on a lake two hours from the nearest paved road, in an ancient grove of giant cedars, hiking to a high mountain waterfall, soaking in hot springs, and frequent rambles on the banks of our local river.

This really helped me shift my embodiment in the way I knew I was meant to. So much less doing in exchange for being. Creating less mechanically in the physical dimension in exchange for allowing my field to emanate a new creation into being through energetic sovereignty and expansion. Staking out higher vibrational coordinates for me and my family to play and rest within, without so much of the efforting required while in the density of contracted states like victim, martyr, warrior and savior.

In the notes of reflection and gratitude I received from so many of you this year, I noticed how by simply showing up for myself and sharing my journey I've helped you navigate your own journeys of unbecoming the false conditioned self, with more self love and less internalized judgment.

Our personal transformation is the plasmic fabric of a New Earth. It's not separate from us. As we drop narratives of separation and division, we use the creator principle to reassemble a reality based in unity and love. I'm so grateful to continue creating Heaven on Earth with all of you as we move into the New Year!

In Unity

Aja Love

P.S. If you missed the Solstice Sovereignty Event, we've made the replay available for purchase this time Learn more here.


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