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A Conversation with My Dad About Rebirthing Ourselves 💫

"There are two sets of opportunities related to your identity shift: long term and short term constructs. With each change presented, ask yourself, does this bring me more joy and happiness?"

In this week's vlog, I have a conversation with my father and the Arcturians about navigating our rebirthing process. His passing into spirit in 2009 featured as a major catalyst in my own awakening (read that story and more in "How Mommy Got Her Magic Back").

I also share a recent experience with formally closing out my engagement in an organization and the surprising amount of energy that returned to me during that ceremony! 💗

In Unity 🌐

Aja Love

P.S. If you would like to support this work, donations are appreciated. I'm now accepting cryptocurrency! Or, invest in yourself (or a family member/friend) by purchasing my Awakening Foundations course.


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