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Open Your Heart Vault 💗 Here's how.

"In order to see and hear clearly, you must open the deepest recesses of the heart vault. This is an incredible energetic structure that holds enormous power, but that has been locked away... concealed, and in some cases, utterly forgotten. A sovereign embodiment is inFORMed from within, not from without. When there is no internal oppressor, there can be no external oppressor" -The Arcturians

I'm on semi-retreat (doing less, being more) as I transcend my former identity and transition into yet another level of embodiment. While I'm not creating any new videos during this time, I invite you to dive into the archive of more than 500 videos on my YouTube channel.

This week, let's revisit one of the June 2020 Live Meditations that we did to help stabilize the field. This is a powerful one! Be sure to engage with the meditation when you can focus and truly engage without distraction. If you're new to my meditations, don't be surprised if you experience physical symptoms (i.e., vertigo, tears, nausea, fatigue or elation). These are common when working in very high frequencies, which detox density and distortion from the body. Hydrate before and after you engage with it.

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