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Go go galactic 🛸

"Unconditional LOVE is your currency now. It will make all of your projects build out so much faster". -The Pleiadians

I haven't taken this much down time since 2013, which featured a quantum leap in my awakening and personal evolution. In a series of "a-ha's" throughout the last lunar cycle, I've realized that in order to evolve into my own next level of embodiment I must let go of the ways I used to do things. Really let go. So no new videos for a while. This is a wonderful time to dive back into the archives of more than 500 videos on my YouTube channel and share helpful messages that are more relevant than when I first channeled them! This week, let's revisit a 3-part light language activation I was guided to share in 2018, at the foot of Mount Borah in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. Three different spiritually advanced galactic collectives showed up to support us through this transmission!

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