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Come Back to Neutral

I'm following my inner guidance to take major time off into the fall, slowing down and tuning in to develop more of my "inner tech". My family and I have been enjoying lake time in a quiet corner of the Northern Rockies ... the perfect spot for integrating all of the information I've channeled during the last several years into a more coherent narrative for this time of convergence. This is a wonderful time to dive back into the archives of more than 500 videos on my channel and share helpful messages that are more relevant than when I first recorded them! This week, let's revisit my first ever vlog from early 2018, recorded in Paris during one of my multidimensional mission trips about the empowered state of neutrality:

"Most humans have been conditioned to be in a very polarized state of judgment, criticism and overthinking. This is a very inefficient use of your mental faculty. Neutrality is the counterpoint to being in a polarized state. When you return to a state of neutrality and expand into a reconnected, multidimensional state (in which you're connected to the Unified Field and the infinite potential it contains) you become a world within a world." -Aja's Mantid Aspect

When you find yourself in judgment, take an energetic snapshot. How does that make me feel? What's happening in my field? Notice how your energy is being drained or siphoned away. Call back your judgment and then get curious. Why did that person or event trigger you so much? This is very powerful work and leads to true freedom, something most of us want!

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