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Let go of planning

I'm taking some time off until the fall, slowing down, taking a mental vacation, and being in stillness more. This is the perfect time to dive back into the archives of more than 500 videos and share helpful messages that are more relevant than when I first channeled them! This week, let's revisit a #DailyMeds I recorded on the the French coast last spring, in which I share the directive I had received some six months prior: to let go of planning!

"Stop planning and move out of a linear relationship with your life expression. Move back into the zero point of the present moment. Right here, right now. Then, you are available for what is working to put itself together through your field. If you're too distracted by your plans, you will resist what wants to be through selective awareness... and the person you were is going to develop ideas and plans that constrain and bottleneck the person and expression you are becoming."

Here is your permission to relax and stop thinking about the future. Lie down on the beach and listen to the surf... or on the grass and watch the clouds go by. In one of my groups we recently practiced the art of energy expansion as an antidote to the high degree of contraction wrought by the mental body's addiction to thinking.

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