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Reinvention of the Human Race

"There is life after death. This is a timely message as the entire human race is inviting itself into a new experience of itself. What stands in your way is fear. There is fear of the unknown, the unseen, intangible, the undefined. For there is a great amount of insecurity that has been passed down generation to generation. It is in this moment that each individual is afforded the opportunity to break the chains that bind you, to release this fear of insecurity that blocks you from your own life after the death of the ego. The seeds that have planted within you by your own higher consciousness begin now to grow." -Yeshua

This week, let's revisit an episode of my live show "Beyond Conscious. Becoming Multidimensional" from this spring, in which we explored the reinvention of the human race through channeled messages and energetic transmissions. We are trading out striving and efforting for ease and allowing. Our multidimensional intelligence is vastly superior to the personality intellect, which must now surrender and trust in the deconstruction of our old identity and the emergence of something new.

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