Discernment Using the Law of Vibration

"Each thing that exists is identified by its own unique vibrational frequency. ...Our thoughts, emotions, and will send out vibrations... every thought or mental state has a corresponding rate and mode of vibration. ...if we send out thoughts of envy, criticism, hatred or jealousy, the the same thought-forms are aroused and sent back by others. Each of us has the power to choose". -Milanovich & McCune (The Light Shall Set You Free)

It's more important than ever to deploy tools of vibrational discernment to avoid the consciousness trap of "us and them". In this week's vlog, I reflect back on the 2019 Paris Mission, in which we worked with The Founders to anchor in unity consciousness timelines from a state of Self Sovereignty. I also share tools like the Hawkins map of consciousness to move beyond force into power.

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