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This Is An Ability We Need More Than Ever Right Now

"I come to you with a message of great hope. This is the great shift out of separation consciousness that is required by each human who seeks to usher in a new era on your planet, one that is peaceful. But you must understand that this is absolutely an inside job. Communion with your Higher Self must be claimed. In the same way, Unity must be claimed. It is not something that is orchestrated outside of you or for you. It is something that each and everyone of you facilitate. Every single day it is a choice, to look into the eyes of another, to collapse the separation, to move forward as ONE". -Aja's Andromedan Aspect

This week, I can't think of a better message to share with you all than the one I channeled from one of my Andromedan Aspects during my live show this week. He brought through a very effective tool to dismantle separation (us and them) consciousness. As I mentioned in last week's vlog, our emotional dams are breaking. While ultimately an essential step in our collective evolution, it's going to be VERY messy. Long held fear and anger is spilling over. Suppressed self-hatred is now being projected toward the other. These are powerful times of reclamation of sovereignty. But it's not a straight path... it's more of a spiral. Keep breathing and using your multidimensional tools. I invite you to watch the full show here.

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