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The Mindset We'll Need for the Next 10 Years

In this Wayshowers Weekly vlog, I share with you what I've been sharing with my family and friends. I've been shown through my multidimensional work that humanity would be entering a sustained time of disruptive chaos. That time has begun. Those of us familiar with the awakening journey have endured and eventually embraced deconstruction. We've come to understand that there are incredible creation abilities on the other side of these dissolution events. The human collective has called in its next big shift, an evolutionary leap in self awareness and expansive consciousness. This means that the old ways of doing human are dismantling quickly. Yes, it's going to be a bumpy ride! So the best mindset we as Wayshowers can adopt right now is that of facing 10 whitewater rapids in quick succession. Don't panic. Breathe. Relax. Focus. Stay grounded. And enjoy the ride! These waters will carry us a far distance in our evolution in very little time, if we don't get swept up in side tangents of unnecessary drama and resistance to change of our own making. I'll continue to share helpful mantras for these times. Here is one for this week: I am a powerful conscious creator who emanates love and harmony to create a more peaceful world for everyone.

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