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Crisis to Conscious Creation: We are Front Running toward Unity Consciousness

Welcome to all of our new subscribers! Since many of our new folks are newer to multidimensional reality and the journey of awakening, my weekly video will now offer two tiered messages. This week, I spend a little time on the topic of re-framing disruptive events, such as the world pandemic affecting every human on the planet right now. When your narrative changes from "crisis" to "turning point", you are more empowered to move out of fear-based survival (contraction) into flourishing (expansion). For those of us who've been preparing for this time, we have been called up like never before, to help the human collective make this shift toward unity consciousness with greater stabilization and less fear. We are working across multiple dimensions, day and night. So, expect your body to feel a little tired. Get as much rest as you can, knowing that some nights will feature tremendous work, so block time for naps!

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