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This Is An Unprecedented Opportunity To Create A New Normal

"You must understand that there is conscious intention working in pre-matter states of consciousness that allow you to change your reality and create a different kind of world for yourselves".

-Shaman School Guides

Given the deep and widespread interruption to everyday life on Earth, we have an unprecedented opportunity to create and wayshow a new kind of normal. Listen up, my friend. Change is happening faster than ever right now. Remember the message I recorded on Imbolc about how all that is no longer in alignment with your highest timeline would begin to dissolve? And how it's important to let go of what you thought was supposed to last longer than the change that is now at your doorstep? I invite you to explore a new set of horizons for yourself that weren't visible, even just a week ago. Instead of waiting out this pandemic period of isolation and disruption, why not use this time to dive into a personal reinvention? What new shores are calling to you? How are you holding on to old patterns of thought that are limiting what you are creating right now? What newly aligned course for your life path are you ready to take? Make no mistake. It will take courage. Leaving your comfort zone always does since it helps us surface shadow elements of distortion and wounding. This week, I share encouragement from my own experience for navigating this next unprecedented leap into your personal creation of a New Earth!

Thank you to everyONE who participated in that very powerful Spring Equinox Meditation. If you missed it and would still like to participate (we work beyond linear time), you can purchase the replay here. And look for an invite coming soon for a very special Earth Day event!

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