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This Is Our Priority as StarSeed Wayshowers Right Now

"Ascension is well underway. The process of un-foldment for many people begins with casting off the outer shell which binds them in a contractive slave mentality state...This is what humanity is breaking free from now. These events are catalysts to help spark a re-connection".

-The Arcturians

After "caving up" for the last few months as I navigated my own latest series of realignments at the bio-energetic and physical levels, I'm happy to be able to ramp back up my presence for the planet's Wayshowers. To that end, I'm relaunching the Weekly Vlog on Sundays and the #DailyMeds videos throughout the week. As the human collective dives into a deep disruption of its status quo, we are being called forward to serve like never before. This week, I share how we as a family have launched into Shaman School with our daughter, a message from The Arcturians, and what our main priority as Wayshowers is right now.

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