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You've heard of an intelligence quotient. What is a light quotient?

In the course of helping thousands of people on their metaphysical awakening journey over the last decade, I’ve noticed an unexpected result - they look brighter! Their eyes shine and they seem to glow. Family and friends remark on their radiance. It took me a while to understand that the clearing and activation work I facilitate changes a person’s light quotient. What’s a light quotient? I asked the Pleiadians to answer this question and they chose to define it using a more mystical approach. Here’s what I channeled from them: "Since we know you appreciate poetry, here is how we will define light quotient for you: In the darkness, There is a light. Inside this flame, Resides your soul. A formless, unbounded substance, In a sea of form. This light has no origin, No beginning or end.

It is the eternal expanse,

Of endless skies and many horizons. Of truths unspoken, And memories forgotten. It permeates the impenetrable, Illuminating the unseen. It is the force, You forgot you are." -The Pleaidans Wowza. Did that last line activate your heart chakra like it did mine?! I love how poetry instantly moves us beyond the mind into the heart center of emotion. We are invited into a more expansive experience than the parameters set by a highly competitive, intellect-driven paradigm of education allow for. In the early years of my awakening, I became drained from going head-to-head with my inner skeptic. One day, I awoke to the reason for my exhaustion. I was arguing with myself about whether or not I was right. Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. -Rumi (13th century) Once I traded out this highly polarizing game of right and wrong for alignment (what resonates for me as true and right) life became so much more enjoyable. I was free to live my truth, to stop hiding and self-censoring, without feeling the need to get others to "see it my way". Alignment is what moves us out of resistance and conflict with others and allows them to experience expansion as well. We aren’t resisting their reality. We are simply, yet radically, pursuing our own truth. While alignment begins with a decision, it is much more than a choice made at the mental level of our embodiment. It is total energetic resonance with yes; the shift into a higher set of vibrational coordinates; the activation of innate, dormant potential; a healed heart center; the foundation for the New Human, homo luminous. Alignment changes how we do human. It increases our light quotient and our joy factor. It puts us directly on the path of our purpose and passion. And it serves the people in our lives by inspiring a truer reflection of reality, free from distortion and fear-based projection. If you would like to move yourself into ever greater alignment with the incredible light that you are, I invite you to learn more about my year-long experiential program designed for wayshowers like you. It is a high vibrational container that helps you release what no longer serves you and claim a more loving, joy-filled life here on planet Earth. Please enjoy this recent live Q&A I recorded about the program here (forward to minute 13:50 to begin).

Learn more about The Emergence Experience and submit an application here. Deadline to apply is January 30th. We begin next week!

There are two different tracks to this 12-month metaphysical coaching program, one for those of you just waking up and the other for those of you a little further down the path of remembering. Find out what’s included in each track here. Please note that this is the last year I will be offering the Awakening Track (for beginners) with personal mentorship from me. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to work with me, that’s now!

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