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The Spiritual Closet from a Pleaidian Perspective

As part of my soul purpose work to support people on their metaphysical awakening journey, I often channel the encouragement from higher dimensional guides and advanced galactic collectives. In the context of the conversation we’ve been having about the spiritual closet, here is what the Pleiadians had to say:

"The spiritual closet is a projected construct of your own self-rejection. You are hiding from yourselves first and foremost. The work ahead of you is the work of self-acceptance. No one can give that to you. You must claim it." - The Pleiadians

Listen to their full message below and look for the screen flash emphasizing one of their points! Their brief message is a helpful one as we navigate our next level of owning our unconventional truth. Coming out of the spiritual closet isn’t a "one and done". With each new level of our multidimensional remembering, we refine and attune our energetic voice to the next expansive octave we are being asked to embody. The courage to hold this new energetic is exactly what is being called forward as part of an emergent new world. This New Earth is transcending the conflict of polarity. It is grounded in the zero point and unity consciousness. To support those of you committed to co-creating this new world by moving into greater self-acceptance (and out of hiding) in 2020 and beyond, I AM delighted to offer you a free class! I'll be talking about the following questions, sharing channeled perspectives, and stories from my work:

  1. What is the spiritual closet from a higher dimensional perspective?

  2. What makes it so hard to come out of hiding at every level of awakening?

  3. Why is it so important to stop self censoring, especially energetically, right now?

  4. How can I safely move out of being in the spiritual closet, without sounding like I’m preaching?

Watch the Replay of this powerful video below.

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