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This Is What Humanity Told Me "Needs to be said"

I've been sick this entire week. Why? Because I'm expanding beyond my comfort zone and my body (sore throat and sinus) is clearing out old energies that have blocked me from speaking my truth to a wider audience. I'm in Sedona this week working with a public speaking coach to develop a signature talk to take out to the world in 2020-2022. Fortunately, I was gifted a very helpful perspective shift early on during this trip. "It's not about YOU!", the voice almost bellowed in my ear while walking through the Phoenix airport car rental complex. I had been contemplating taking to the stage and feeling a familiar terror rise up. It's so easy to get wrapped around the axel of our own self-focus. This is the same pattern I've been through countless times... the call to the razor's edge presents itself, our fear rises up, and then we either walk forward or contract back. "Put a shingle out for spirit medium work", my guides prompted me in 2013. I felt like I needed to breathe into a paper bag, but I did it. "Channel in person with a client for the first time, not just on a recording". Breathe deep. "Tone and speak light language with your clients now". Here goes. "Tell all of your business coaching peers you're going to engage a public speaking coach and just do it." Then go on stage within the hour after the universe responds and sends you an instant opportunity. Holy wow. So, with "it's not about you" in mind, I am deep in the process of developing this multidimensional missive with a loving, heart-centered mentor. I am in safe hands. Which is important. As we move beyond our comfort zone, it's critical for us to have safety; to have loving, supportive mentorship and peership. Before we began our intensive, I drove out into the desert to receive the wisdom humanity is calling back to itself. What needs to be said? And here's what you told me:

"Love is our birthright, not fear".

Of course. There is so much fear-mongering today, from so many sources (news, entertainment, commerce, activism, politics, financial systems... etc.). The mighty counterpoint of love is rising up like never before. I know it's a massively powerful force, because my mouth of god chakra just upgraded to allow even more higher dimensional transmission to come through my field. So, the good news is that I'm now more excited than scared about coming out of hiding at this level. And I can't wait to see what happens as this message makes its way through me to many more people! I AM sending you lots of loving encouragement on your own journey of ever greater expansion and visibility, whether that's at your family dinner table, the classroom you teach in, or the books you write. Listen to the entire week's message by clicking on the video below.

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