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That moment when you realize "This is all a lie"

I AM steadfastly committed to expansion (growth)... beyond a Cartesian worldview toward ever greater comprehensiveness. This commitment entails many challenges, namely the confrontational nature of a direct experience that contradicts our long-held beliefs about "what is". This week, I AM reflecting on those moments in the awakening/remembering journey where you realize "this is all a lie". Early on, as I regained my multidimensional awareness, I felt betrayed by the collective and its skepticism. These cycles of expansion continue... into outer dimensional perspectives, which recognize the relativity of truth, and paradoxically, hold many different levels of truth. As we move across the threshold of this full moon, it's a good time to let go of clutter in our energy field. At the end of this weekly vlog, the Arcturians help us do just that.

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