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This is how I am staying grounded right now

In this next cycle of stepping into even more of our authentic, greater selves, we will be revisiting similar themes that we explored early on in our awakening. This accelerated ascension is bringing up A LOT of shadow and fear. The incredible high frequencies and what they dislodge in our bio-energetic field can throw us off-center, leaving us feeling un-grounded and adrift. It is SO important right now to return to the present moment, drop into the zero point, and not let the stories and fear in your mind spin you out. It's critical to spend time in coherent environments, meaning natural places and communities of people in which the base code of unity is the prevalent energy, helping you move out of dis-ease and back into harmony.

As we experience the contraction/expansion cycle that gives us the contrast we need for our full awakening ascension process, it's important to have people in our lives hold the back stop for us. Be very mindful of who jumps on your "contraction bandwagon" with you. When we contract into fear, maybe even anger at times, it's important to be surrounded by people who will hold the back stop for us when we go into self-doubt about taking aligned action, or just even in regards to our own identity shift. If we have people around us who jump into that contraction with us, reinforcing fear, it feels like being pulled down. Many people do this when they're afraid of being left behind. It's not necessarily malevolent, but it's not benevolent either. Whether you're on the receiving end of this behavior, or you are actually perpetuating contraction in others, it's good to take a loving, honest, hard look at what kind of dynamic is in play when you go through your personal contraction. Most people in the human population have not mastered their fear and aren't even actively trying to tame their fear. As a Wayshower, you hold the new emergent paradigm of infinite potential, of self-love, self-acceptance. That is going to trigger all those people who have not engaged in their own self-developoment and you will be on the receiving end of their projection (if not outright rejection). I know that when I've gone through contraction and have experienced this from people, when I come out of my contraction, and am back in my confident expansive self, I tend to not look so highly upon those relationships. I realize that their state of dis-empowerment is adversely affecting me. I take full responsibility for my life experience so it's a good time to take a sober look at who I gave my power away to and why. Do a little bit of an assessment this week. Check in with yourself. Who is there holding the back stop, believing in you when you struggle to believe in yourself, versus saying, "Well, I don't have that problem.... Yeah, you shouldn't do that.... ", etc.? Engage in this exercise with a loving, compassionate heart and decide that you deserve to be supported. Then, vice versa, if you are the person who tends to be more of the Debbie Downer, have some loving compassion towards yourself. Understand that this is a coping mechanism that you developed early on as you began to shut down your heart center in order to cope with the harsh reality of negative programs on this planet. This isn't about judgment. It's not about blaming anyone. It's about, again, taking even more responsibility and being even more honest with ourselves about our circumstances. It's very important for us to honor the truth of who we are and to not give our power away to anyone, no matter how big of a role they have in our life. How much are you allowing others to keep you in a contracted state versus expanding into something more true for you? I think as I look back on the arc of relationships that have come and gone during my awakening journey. Some people are meant to be in our lives for just a season

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