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The Fallen Will Rise Again

As I shared in the last video, it's not just humanity that is going through an ascension. It is all beings that are part of this planetary multidimensional ecosystem. We are shifting this physical avatar and connecting into our own greater field of consciousness. Wayshowers are bringing in higher dimensional artifacts and codes that we intentionally sealed. When the time is right, we are like a time capsule, releasing and activating them. Our Sasquatch friends are very well-aware that that's what we're doing here. They're very grateful. In this week’s vlog, I bring through another Sasquatch friend. She told me, "We were raised to call you the fallen race." Although they were raised to see us as the fallen race, they knew that the fallen race would eventually rise again. When that happens, it will be a new day for the Sasquatch People, too. They're simultaneously very excited, but they also feel that strange disorientation of not knowing what's next. We are forging a new civilization based in unity, not just within one race of being, but between inter-dimensional races. We are meant to be seeking out friendship and relationship based on pure intent, an open heart, and unconditional love. That's the crux of their message. If you do enough of your shadow work to be able to come out into the forest with an open heart, or just in your living room in meditation, they are more than happy to share their love. Ultimately, we are meant to be in civilization together. Listen to the rest of the message by clicking on the video below.

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