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Improving Inter-dimensional Race Relations Will Take Trust

I blocked today to do multidimensional field work here in the mountains of Montana and picked up a line with my beautiful Sasquatch friends. There’s a family group here. They’re excited for this. They’re a little nervous too. This is new for all of us.

This is a new era of going beyond conscious and becoming multidimensional, repairing inter-dimensional race relations through trust.

Our Sasquatch friends are using this opportunity to try to educate humanity that we can all get along. What’s important to keep in mind is that so much of what we’re doing right now, in order to rebuild trust is unearthing our shadow and our fear. That’s not limited to just the human race. They are going through something very similar.

We need to temper our expectations of our friends and not demand too much because they themselves are in an era of a great deal of shift themselves.

The best thing that we can do is offer our love and show love and be love and not ask for anything. This is what they would like us to know. Be very soft in your approach. In return they have such a beautiful, seamless, unity-based consciousness to offer us. They are happy to teach you their ways. That is what they wish to communicate to everyone at this time.

There is a tremendous amount of healing that some of you are going to receive by connecting to our forest friends. Tremendous heart healing is what they have to offer. They will be able to trust humanity when humanity is able to trust itself. How many of us can say that we unequivocally trust ourselves?

Do your inner work, your shadow work, your healing work, forgiving yourself, forgiving others, looking at your core wounds. This is really where we can meet them in the higher fourth dimension on their terms. That is what they would really like. It’s meant to go beyond entertainment into meaningful connection.

I highly recommend the book, Enoch, by Autumn Williams. It’s kind of a biographical sketch of a gentleman in Florida and his beautiful relationship he developed with the Sasquatch people and how he chose to garner their trust by sitting out in the middle of the night in the pitch black with a blindfold on. They came and took his hands. I’m seeing a large theme in our own ascension timeline around trust and surrender versus running old negative programs based on hierarchy, power over others, reptilian brain basic survival, inverted matrix, distortions and density. I hope you and your inter-dimensional friends have a magical, multidimensional week!

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