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The Rebuilding of Inter-dimensional Race Relations Is Underway

"May brother see brother and sister see sister with pure hearts and true intent. The rebuilding of race relations is well underway in your planetary sphere. We cannot do this for you, nor will we. It is yours to do. Conflict thrives in duality and loses air in unity. We encourage all of the peace builders, the bridge builders. You know who you are." ​

This week, I invite you to experience the powerful energy of a high mountain canyon in Idaho. As part of my soul contract, I AM charged with improving inter-dimensional race relations. To that end, I invited the local Sasquatch clan leader there to parlay with us. What would he like to share with humanity through my channel?

He accepted my invitation and invited us to make a meaningful heart connection with him. I then channeled my Andromedan aspect in light language. Listen to the full message and receive the energy transmission by clicking on the video below:

With LOVE, Aja

Founder Multidimensional U®

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