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Go Beyond Growth Into Expansion

"Go beyond language. There is not one truth. There are many." -The Pleiadians

My last vlog updated you on my personal journey, which seems to be what these weekly messages are going to be for a while because there's no better teaching than my own journey!

Remember, your life expression, story and journey is your leadership. Being willing to share that in real time takes vulnerability. Vulnerability is true power. With that in mind, here's the quick update.

Things are moving fast. Since you got the update about the property that we were supposed to jump to, the owner of the rental we just moved into in June announced to us that he is planning to sell in a couple of months. I just laughed since I expected this.

This has been an interesting journey in that it makes it easier on a third-dimensional ego level to justify what would feel like quite a stretch otherwise. And I experienced a major perspective pivot. We don't have to acquire the property, we just have to acquire a monthly lease. All of a sudden it becomes very doable!

I'd like to share with you is something that came up in the Year ONE Activation Track of The Emergence Experience. It's the idea that we're moving beyond certain constructs and paradigms. For example, in this field of awakening and self-development, we often use the term 'growth'. What we were encouraged in that group to do is trade out that paradigm for ‘expansion’. Growth implies a linear experience or journey. It implies that you aren't already at some amazing, wise level in some part of your multidimensional self, which you absolutely are. It's been here all along!

Somebody asked a great question during our group call: What is that paradigm shift when it comes to surrender? The answer I was given is: the zero point – which is a very restful state, let me tell you. It almost feels like everything goes radio silent here – frontal lobe lobotomy! – no thinking! – and absolute, total acceptance of the All That Is. We've been shown that this is a very powerful place to create from. Before you're eager to go out and try to move into the next room of your identity shift, which we're all in big time right now, remember to drop into zero point.

So feel into that… what paradigms or constructs are you willing to expand or go beyond?

The Pleiadians also showed up during the group gathering yesterday with light language activations. Their light language is light. It has no sound. Our ability to affect the field is going beyond so many of the constructs of even being verbal. We are affecting things greatly by doing so.

There's something else that wants to come in. ... "It's time to take yourself out of isolation." If you're one of the people that's still in isolation with your journey and you feel that keenly, it's time to open up. It's time to open up to somebody.

I’ve found, working with people over the last few years now, that your fear about 'If I open up to them it's going to go poorly' is usually unfounded. Take yourself out of isolation.

With that, I’m wishing you a magical, multidimensional week!

With LOVE, Aja

Founder Multidimensional U®



Do you crave a commUNITY of like-minded Wayshowers that is warm,

generous, and authentic? This band of brilliant souls journeyed a long way to be here together at this time of Ascension on planet Earth. They are bold, courageous, and willing to step beyond their fears. These folks are the real deal. Ready to join their ranks? Learn more about the Multidimensional U CommUNITY and apply to The Emergence Experience here.

"When I think of Aja, I am reminded of the proverb "When the student is ready, the master will appear." I feel profound gratitude for the exceptional guidance that she has offered on my journey. Finding her was like stumbling on an oasis in the desert, satisfying an unquenchable thirst for connection and support, at precisely the right moment. Her teachings about metaphysics, multidimensionality, and energetic alignment have been of tremendous value during my awakening journey, allowing me to understand and normalize what was happening during times of deep shadow work, growth, integration and ascension. It has been exciting to discover new perspectives and to gain increased clarity as to the path forward. I have no doubt that she has and will continue to deeply impact the lives of many Wayshowers, leading the way at the cutting-edge of the New Earth build-out. I will definitely be along for the ride!" -Lisane

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