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The Question You Need to Ask Isn’t What You’re Asking

“The reason why people are not living exceptionally wonderful lives is because they don't expect to, period, end of story.”​

We just dropped our daughter off at French camp for a second year in a row. It was amazing to all of us as we drove this morning to reflect on just what's happened in the span of 12 months.

We're in an accelerated expansion, especially the Wayshowers, who are meant to be on the leading edge of helping humanity go through this big shift in consciousness, this next evolution.

It was amazing to all of us because a lot of what has gone down in our own lives went beyond our expectations. This just goes to show that when you don't focus on defining things so much with the spoken word and you just begin to do the work of shifting into a higher vibration, so much more higher dimensional living will find its way to you without you even having to define it.

The spoken word is inherently limited because it's a vocabulary that was developed in a certain mindset, a lower consciousness. Surrender is a really good example. Most people have a very negative association with this word. They don't have a higher dimensional relationship with what it means to surrender to one's Higher Self. They immediately think there's loss associated with it, or losing.

As we were saying “Let's play the game of ‘This Time Next Year’”, we realized there's really nothing to define except “Surprise us!”. We're ready for even more expansion, more joy, more well-being, more abundance in all its forms. Rather than trying to define it, which feels like a contractive exercise, just open your field into an expansive container. When we shift our vibration, our frequency, we make ourselves available for instant manifestation, near-instant manifestation.

I just wanted to reflect on that and also use it as a good pep talk for those of you who are still a little bit in the “yeah, but”. A lot of you are still in that mindset of the “I can’t or how can I?”. What the Arcturians and especially Archangel Michael will always point out is that that's you hiding. That's you in resistance.

The false self is very tricky. Yeah, but how am I going to make money? That's not the question you want to ask. The question you want to ask is how much longer can you stand to stay in this contracted state of self-betrayal and self-denial?

Do you see? Inherent in that question is a challenge. Are you ready? The question, again – they really want to talk about this today. The question is not how am I going to make money. It's how much money and how good can you stand it?

How good can you stand it? That's really the question to ask. How good can I stand it? Can I actually really have my cake and my pie and my ice cream and eat all of it? The reason why people are not living exceptionally wonderful lives is because they don't expect to, period, end of story. Change your expectations. Lift out your victim tales.

I had a moment of reflection of “Wow, since French camp last year, I've taken my daughter to France twice and to Bali once”. Now, let me tell you, from ten years ago (and the limited set of beliefs and negative programs I lived under at that time) it just felt like that whole limited paradigm is gone.

I hope this inspires you. You can do this. In fact, you must do it. It is your mandate. Just start leaping. Don't get caught up in trying to understand how it's all going to come about and where the money's going to come from or how that relationship will work out. It will exceed your expectations.

We ended up doing some powerful work on this trip. As we were told in Paris, there's still a lot of clean-up work on Earth to be done. Most of the time, I'm doing huge landscape scale, regional work. As we were driving up the valley, I was tuning in, connecting to my Sasquatch friends here. The Sasquatch grapevine is very tight. They all talk to each other because they're in unity consciousness, so it wasn't hard to pick up a line.

Then I started tuning into the land and I could feel lower vibrational mining energy here. Think gold mining. There were some earthbounds, and so, as I was driving at 70 miles an hour I thought alright, well – and before I could really even think, out from my field comes a beautiful golden phoenix, it flies up-valley and it's gone. I could feel it doing all sorts of work. What a very leveraged way to do this work! Then I could feel the shift. When I'm doing big clearing work, I can feel a lot of shift in my root chakra.

I felt all that shift and then the tingling and that tell-tale sign of everything feels much better and lighter. What they showed me then is that consciousness fell. We brought the whole grid here back to the pre-Atlantian fall. What they were telling me when I came to do a little bit of work here by the river's edge is that because the pre-Atlantean system was in a higher dimension, it's like it's our future. They said, “You are bringing your future out of your past.”

Many of you are doing this work in your neck of the woods or traveling somewhere, being called to do work. I'll be headed to France again towards the end of September. I do have a Private Day or two available with me in Paris if you wanted to fly in and work with me. (LINK And I was told by Archangel Michael to open up a private Visionquest (LINK in the southwest of France for this fall.

Let me just tune in, see if there's anything else. I'm tuning into the collective of all of you who follow me, whether that's right now or in the future. Aren't you so glad we did this? That's the hindsight we all have in real time in the future together. Can you feel us together? Aren't we so glad we embodied and took on these contracts because it's so good now?

For those of you who want to be at that “so good” point, I will always warmly invite you to consider applying to The Emergence Experience because that's where that will happen. It's not a course; it's not really a program. It's a container, and amazing, magical stuff happens in there. Learn more here:

I'm going to leave you with the beautiful sound of the water, wind, and these beautiful mountains. I love you all...

With LOVE, Aja

Founder Multidimensional U®



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"When I think of Aja, I am reminded of the proverb "When the student is ready, the master will appear." I feel profound gratitude for the exceptional guidance that she has offered on my journey. Finding her was like stumbling on an oasis in the desert, satisfying an unquenchable thirst for connection and support, at precisely the right moment. Her teachings about metaphysics, multidimensionality, and energetic alignment have been of tremendous value during my awakening journey, allowing me to understand and normalize what was happening during times of deep shadow work, growth, integration and ascension. It has been exciting to discover new perspectives and to gain increased clarity as to the path forward. I have no doubt that she has and will continue to deeply impact the lives of many Wayshowers, leading the way at the cutting-edge of the New Earth build-out. I will definitely be along for the ride!" -Lisane

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