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Ready for a Massive Paradigm Shift?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead​

For two nights in a row, I have been teaching in my dream state. This morning, I remembered that I had been talking to a group of first responders. This is what I told them: “What I'm about to tell you is, at first, going to shock you, then it will anger you. At some point down the line, for some of you sooner, for others later, you will recognize the truth in what I have told you… It is your anticipation, preparation, expectation of accidents that in part creates them."

Huge, right? We're all connected. What we are emitting, putting out, then helps to create. Let’s get our heads wrapped around that because, even for me, that was a huge paradigm shift. It made me a little nervous, to be honest. I thought, “That's going to trigger some people into defending immediately.” When your identity is based on a certain role, the idea that you would be contributing and somewhat responsible for the very thing that you're trying to rescue/save/help is very confronting.

As I was thinking about this teaching, and thinking of examples in my own life, I remembered a client who was a pediatrician, and she talked about living under a white hat at work. On the days that she works, there just aren't big issues or dramas that come in like for other practitioners. Why might that be? Does she have good luck, or is something else at play in terms of what she's creating/expecting/projecting and then the world is reflecting back?

Can you imagine that as Source, fractals of Source, we love one another so much that we are willing to play out dramas for one another so that we may have experiences together? Your anticipation of accidents coming is met by another soul who responds by living them out, and you have something to experience.

Many of you write in and say, "You showed up and taught me stuff last night." These were real people. Maybe this was you in my dream? If it was, I want to hear from you!

How exciting is the idea to use meditation, not just for stress relief and mindfulness for officers or first responders, but to create harmony, peace, the lack of crime, the lack of accidents? We are that powerful.

The Emergence Experience participants often carry out this kind of group work together during our calls together. We have been known to pull off some pretty epic missions! Learn more about this year-long program by clicking here.

With LOVE, Aja

Founder Multidimensional U®



Do you crave a commUNITY of like-minded Wayshowers that is warm,

generous, and authentic? This band of brilliant souls journeyed a long way to be here together at this time of Ascension on planet Earth. They are bold, courageous, and willing to step beyond their fears. These folks are the real deal. Ready to join their ranks? Learn more about the Multidimensional U CommUNITY and apply to The Emergence Experience here.

"When I think of Aja, I am reminded of the proverb "When the student is ready, the master will appear." I feel profound gratitude for the exceptional guidance that she has offered on my journey. Finding her was like stumbling on an oasis in the desert, satisfying an unquenchable thirst for connection and support, at precisely the right moment. Her teachings about metaphysics, multidimensionality, and energetic alignment have been of tremendous value during my awakening journey, allowing me to understand and normalize what was happening during times of deep shadow work, growth, integration and ascension. It has been exciting to discover new perspectives and to gain increased clarity as to the path forward. I have no doubt that she has and will continue to deeply impact the lives of many Wayshowers, leading the way at the cutting-edge of the New Earth build-out. I will definitely be along for the ride!" -Lisane

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