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What Came Down Your Ancestral Line Isn’t Yours

You have your own higher dimensional song that you are meant to be gifting to the world now.

In this weekly message, I want to share what I’ve experienced in working with ancestral karma, with the lower dimensional constructs that have come down through a person’s family lineage. I’ve seen patterns emerge working with so many different people around the world and, of course, in myself.

When I began my self-development journey, let alone my multidimensional awakening journey, I had to tackle a formidable inner critic. I have a lot of German ancestry and Eastern European ancestry. I found a pattern, a construct of rigid energy and shame in which self-worth isn’t innate; it has to be earned, worked for and don’t expect validation or praise. It was what was handed down to me as normalized culture.

In a recent client session, I was shown that these harsh energies are constructs, negative enslavement programs, sub-constructs of the inorganic matrix. In my work as a multidimensional channel and intergalactic shaman, I’ve come to realize that these constructs are artifacts from more severe galactic races who live in very rigid, hierarchical societies.

These constructs determine how entire generations experience reality. As Star Seed Wayshowers hailing from unity-consciousness galactic civilizations near and far, we took on these ancestral lines in order to transmute and free ourselves from them. In doing so, we create a new template for humanity to enjoy.

My harsh inner critic demanded perfectionism. I had to work a lot with rose quartz crystal in the first three years of my awakening journey to help reprogram my field towards self-love and self-acceptance, out of self-criticism and perfectionism.

I share my own experience with you to help you understand the programs that may be running in your field. It takes a concerted, committed effort to reprogram your field, not just the neural net of the mental body, but the entire field.

The emotional body is the focal point right now. This is where I’m seeing people do the most amount of work. Wayshowers are activating our innate metaphysical consciousness-based technology to system override and reprogram this reality. The journey always begins with us, and then we make it available to others through the unified field as a result of the work that we’ve done.

Many people want to be doing something more and contributing to New Earth. The neutralization of these lower dimensional constructs and artifacts, that is the greatest work you can be undertaking right now. Create a neutral, zero-point harmonized field of consciousness and embody that at all times.

When you get out of balance and equilibrium, bring yourself back. Do what brings you joy. If you have a hard time doing what brings you joy, at least try to get yourself into neutrality, out of anger, shame, guilt, resentment… all of the victim states of consciousness. When you realize these constructs aren’t yours – they’re something you took on to work with – it makes everything a little bit easier.

This is why the phrase "dance to your own tune" is very relevant right now. You have your own innate higher dimensional incredible song that you are meant to be gifting to the world. Clearing out negative entanglements, obligations, toxicity, is the order of the day. Bring yourself back into your innate beautiful harmonic. I

recently channeled Walt Whitman in The Emergence Experience, and he was talking about how everything is vibrational music. What kind of music is your field creating and offering the world?Send me your feedback! I’m really curious to know what you’ve noticed as patterns, maybe in your own ancestral line, and how you’ve gone about neutralizing them.

With LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®



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