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Our Obligation & An Activation by the Arcturians

Stop trying to climb the mountain.

Just go to the top of the mountain now.


As Wayshowers, our heart’s desires are, in fact, our obligation. Our soul contracts have kicked in at entirely new levels, prompting us to come head-to-head with divine directives that challenge our erroneous assumptions about what is possible.

Accelerated ascension is on.

We are being held to a higher standard because we are capable of it and that’s what we agreed to. It’s not just a right to pursue happiness; it’s our obligation. I

invite you to listen in to this week’s message and enjoy the light language activation brought to us by the Arcturians.

With so much LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®


Would you like powerful support from me and a high vibe tribe as you make good on your soul contracts and heart’s desires? The Activation Track of The Emergence Experience offers you an opportunity to receive higher dimensional support and to be in the company of others all across the planet who are leveling up like never before! Learn more and apply here.


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