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Lightworkers, Do Your Shadow Work!

The message coming through my field like a ball of fire for you all this week is this: stop judging others and clean up your shadow!

"Blaming others for deficiencies or any of the conditions of your life keeps you from fulfilling your own highest destiny." -Wayne Dyer

Now, while I'm certain that the extreme division in the collective is a sign that we're about to reach maximum polarization and begin the move back toward unity, I also know that the world's lightworkers must make the first move.

If we're still blaming, shaming and judging one another... oh boy. I don't care if you can read the future, heal people, or channel Jesus... if you're not doing your shadow work, you're bypassing your most important contribution, which is bringing yourself into greater wholeness, balance, and unity.

Last fall, it became clear to me that the most important work we as Wayshowers have to do is our inner work. So, who just triggered you, annoyed, you, frustrated you? That negative emotional reaction is a red flag that you've got some healing to do.

Where do you still feel like a victim? These "stories" are holding you (and everyONE else) back. The incoming star kiddos need us to get our act together! We have epic work to do this year. There couldn't be a better time to find our blind spots, to turn and face our shadow, to welcome home these fragmented pieces of ourselves.

Would you like help in your efforts to uncover your shadow? Journey deeply to recover your Greater I AM identity with me and your team of Multidimensional Guides in The Emergence Experience. By application only. With so much LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®


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