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Grateful for You

“Look at the faces of the people you meet. Each one has an incredible story behind their face, a story you could never fully fathom. Not only their own story, but the story of their ancestors. We all go back so far. In this present moment, on this day, all the people you meet, all that life, from generations and from so many places all over the world, flows together and meets you here, like a life-giving water if you only open your heart and drink.”

As we all move into the new year, I want you to feel how grateful I AM for YOU. Your presence on this planet is a gift. This week, please enJOY one of my favorite short films ever made. May it move you in the way it does me, every single time I watch it:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! With so much LOVE,


Innergalactic Shaman

Founder, Multidimensional U ®



P.S. As we begin the new year, I’m thrilled to present some of the most transformative knowledge I've channeled. Join me for an hour-long Masterclass "Be Your Own Guru". By the end of our time together, you will learn:

What has been holding you back from having greater clarity,

Four solid strategies to channel your higher guidance,

What you must do in order to step into your Soul Purpose work.

I hope you can join us! Register here.

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