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Let Go of the Reality You Think You Know

My seventeen-year-old niece blew me away this week with her ability to open inner doors and receive guidance from supportive guides! During a shamanic hike in the mountains, I guided her in meditation inward through the heart chakra. She effortlessly narrated what she saw and the guidance she was given.

On our drive back to town we were presented with key elements of her shamanic journey as validation, the most touching of which was a deer with her newborn fawn. My niece was able to look directly into the wobbling fawn’s eyes from just three feet away. Wow.

This experience with my niece provided a stark contrast to the skeptic programming that blocks so many adults. Despite their intense longing for greater clarity and guidance, people often neglect to open their “back channels”, let alone to trust what they encounter there. Skeptic programming keeps most of humanity in a perpetual state of lock-down, relegating people to a small fraction of the vast multidimensional reality that surrounds them.

As Yeshua often counsels, make an effort to move into a state of open-minded innocence. This is a powerful state of receptivity to your multidimensional channels. Carve out more solitude each day to seek internal inputs, as opposed to staying distracted and overstimulated by external inputs.

“Highly creative people have a gift for connecting supposedly unrelated elements and ideas. They cross borders without regard for customs posts or No Trespassing signs. They throw suspension bridges across great distances. These elegant and unexpected combinations flow together beautifully in the twilight zone, where metaphor and resemblance rules in place of logic and classification.” -Robert Moss

Trust your experiences and take action on the guidance you receive. And don’t expect magnificent surround-sound metaphysical experiences. Those are rare events. Working with non-ordinary reality requires the inner eye of the eagle, which is quick to catch communication in all its forms. Disregard nothing as a figment of your imagination or simple memory.

In this way you will rebuild your multidimensional channels of communication, which will lead you into greater Soul Purpose alignment and the recovery of incredible innate abilities. With LOVE, Aja Innergalactic Shaman & Founder Multidimensional U ®



Each year, I work with a small group of individuals committed to a deep dive of awakening to their True Self and Greater I AM Identity.

If what you've been doing no longer feels in alignment and you’re feeling the pull to invest in getting clear on what you’re meant to be doing in service to humanity, I invite you to apply to The Emergence Experience. Limited space. By application only.

Once you submit your application, our Director of Client Relations, Dr. Nadia Brown, will schedule an interview with you to ensure a good fit. Thank you for your interest! xoxo Aja



This a clarion call to all of you who are ready to co-create a New Earth, who are ready to help heal the deep wounds of humanity, who are committed to acting from a place of empowerment, and who are especially ready to heal themselves so as to more powerfully serve humanity during the Shift of the Ages.

Join us every Friday here: “Meditations for Earth & Humanity”.

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