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Indecision limbo and how to move yourself out of it

The pressure is on. Wayshowers all over the planet are being called into “total recall”. It’s the kind of awakening I’ve gone through, from a focus on your identity as a singularity in the physical dimension to a multidimensional identity that honors and integrates the much more expansive I AM. Did you know that a great part of you also exists in the void, in the formless field of pure potential? More on that in a future email… First, we have to deconstruct the distortion and limited thinking that has held us captive. As the old “us” deconstructs, the authentic self begins to assert itself and the False Self is presented with decision points. This is where many of us get hung up. In indecision limbo. It’s not a fun place to be. In fact, it’s incredibly draining and keeps us in a state of analysis paralysis, and eventually, exhaustion.

My Mantid aspect taught me how inefficiently we use our mental focus. First, we consider what we want and begin to contemplate the steps we need to take. Our heart begins to open, our field expands. But then, the fear takes over, “What if I make the leap, say yes to this decision, and then I fail? What will others think and say? Who am I to leap? Better to just stay safe where I am”. Ugh. Sound familiar? As Saint Germain recently shared with us in the Multidimensional U CommUNITY, the illusion of control is a construct designed to keep the human psyche feeling safe. We avoid big changes, despite our deepest desires to pursue them, because we feel like we could lose control. So we stay in our lane, do what others expect, until… we can bear it no longer. Something bigger than ourselves begins to exert its will. Cue the Higher Self.

I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world

just a lie you have to rise above. –John Mayer (No Such Thing)

We have entered a time on planet Earth where manifesting the life of our dreams by accessing higher states of consciousness is easier than ever. But, in order to open these inner doors, we are often called to make leaps of faith.

These leaps will burn through the negative programming that keeps you in shackles, confined to a consensus-based reality of limitation and lack. Once on the other side of indecision limbo, you see the fears that once held you back for what they are – distortion. And you will thank the stars with immense gratitude that you are no longer under their spell! The next time you find yourself in indecision limbo, here are some things you can do to move out of limbo with the major decisions in your life:

  • Quiet down and consider what you would do if time, money, resources and the negative judgments of others had no effect on your decision.

  • Spend time outdoors reconnecting to the integrity and coherence of the natural world, your elemental and interdimensional allies.

  • Ask for a specific sign that the decision you’re ready to make is aligned. Then, pay attention and laugh when it arrives!

  • Take inspired action, which will feel like a leap of faith. Do it anyway.

  • Repeat.

And please, It’s important to remember that criticism and judgments from others are only ever projections of their own distortion and the fears that are holding them back. The honest truth is that until they are on the path to Self-Mastery, negative entities can and will attack you through them and their wounded ego. So be careful who you spend time with and especially who you share your dreams with.

With LOVE,

Aja Founder Multidimensional U™



In 2015, I was guided to create a powerful container of transformative 10-month guidance. For the last three years, I’ve been working with wayshowers all over the world as they release blocks and “galactivate” incredible abilities, innate to the Multidimensional Self. If this sounds like just the journey you’ve been wanting to make, I invite you to apply to The Emergence Experience. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. I currently have two openings.

You may also book a complimentary call with me. Please note that these aren’t coaching calls, but rather, an opportunity to see how I might support you on your journey.



Would you like to join a group of committed people from all over the world in a weekly guided meditation? We invoke the Multidimensional Self in service every Friday in the Facebook Group “Meditations for Earth & Humanity”. People have experienced powerful shifts and are contributing to making the world a better place. Won’t you join us? There is no cost to do so.

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