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EarthRISE - What is arising in you?

When the astronaut Edgar Mitchell was returning from one of his missions, he had an experience of samadhi, or divine union. The photos of Earth from space, coined “Earthrise”, ushered in a new era of consciousness on the planet. In light of the obvious point that we share one home, our differences seem much less significant.

“Instead of an intellectual search, there was suddenly a very deep gut feeling that something was different. It occurred when looking at Earth and seeing this blue-and-white planet floating there, and knowing it was orbiting the Sun, seeing that Sun, seeing it set in the background of the very deep black and velvety cosmos, seeing - rather, knowing for sure - that there was a purposefulness of flow, of energy, of time, of space in the cosmos - that it was beyond man's rational ability to understand, that suddenly there was a non-rational way of understanding that had been beyond my previous experience… On the return trip home, gazing through 240,000 miles of space toward the stars and the planet from which I had come, I suddenly experienced the universe as intelligent, loving, harmonious.”

-Edgar Mitchell

The symbolism of “New Earth Rising” is not lost on those of us aware of the great shift of the ages we are in right now. As the human species seeks to resolve the eons-old conflict of duality in this corner of the Multiverse, each one of us has a part to play.

What is arising in you?

It’s time to honor that.

To surrender.

Sure, this will involve some negotiation with the ego, who wants assurances before leaps of faith. Take it from someone who has traveled this path of reconnection: it’s time to submit to what is wanting to be given a voice through you.

Surrender. Submit. Say what?

We were taught to fight for what we want. Never give up. Never surrender.

Ah. But this is not about winning or losing. That paradigm doesn’t exist in the realm of your Greater Self, who is summoning you back into Unity with your multidimensional identity. The resolution of the conflict between the negative polarity (service to Self) and the positive polarity (service to Others) is playing itself at the individual level for each one of us right now. Wounded healers are moving back toward neutral, the zero point. And the stalwart “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” folks are finding little comfort or empowerment in black and white business as usual.

Deconstruction is upon us.

Your Greater Self is bringing you events intended to trigger the fears and distortions (illusions) you still operate from within. You may have more frustration than clarity at this point.

Surrender to what?

The clarity will come in time. For now, it’s important to stop overthinking. Breathe. Ask your multidimensional guides for help. Lead with your heart.

The Pleiadians dropped in while putting this message together for you to remind everyONE, “Feel deeply how much you are all loved and supported and are being guided. Please don’t ever think you are alone. You just aren’t, not even for one second”.

With that knowledge, what are you finally going to do that you’ve been putting off? Hit reply and let me know.

With LOVE for who you are BEcoming,


Aja, Founder

Multidimensional U™

P.S. Are you feeling out of your depth to navigate this next identity shift? Do you find yourself wishing someone would just show you what steps to take and what building blocks to put in place? You have so much multidimensional support waiting for you to ask for help! I invite you to consider working with me and your guides during the next year by enrolling in The Emergence Experience, a powerful container designed to reconnect you with your unique brilliance! Learn more here:

I’d love to talk with you! Book a complimentary call with me to explore how we can support you on your journey.


I am amazed at the accuracy of the information I receive through Adrienne. The deep personal validation of who I really am and why I am really HERE gives comfort and answers to the deep longing I have been aware of since early childhood. Thank You, Aja! - Jane

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