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The Power of Neutrality

As I connected to the field and tuned into my sub-collective (that's you!), I was guided to talk to you in this monthly vlog about the power of neutrality.

Most people are looking to strengthen their intuition and the clarity that comes with it, but that's very hard to do when you're in a polarized perspective. As my Mantid Aspect has shown me, most humans have been conditioned to be incredibly inefficient with their life force energy. It is constantly being drained by over-thinking, rumination, and judgment.

When we judge others, we create a force of opposition and resistance. According to Newton's third law, every force has an equal and opposite reaction force. Now, I'm not a physicist, but I can tell you from personal experience, especially as a parent, that trying to create change in the world from a state of opposition is rarely successful in the long term. Sure, one group might overpower, outvote, outmaneuver another group in the near term, but eventually the pendulum will swing back in a never-ending dynamic of action-reaction.

Rather, when we move into a state of non-judgment, of neutrality, we regain our own ground and center from which we can reconnect to the Multidimensional Self and the Unified Field of Infinite Potential. When we expand back into this state, we effectively create a "world within a world", and we allow others to be as they are, with no opposing force.

Here's where the magic comes in. When you maintain this expansive state, you expand the field of possibility for those you used to judge. My Arcturian Aspect The Lotus Keeper calls this a "sub-collective field of reality". Just you reading these words and acting upon them is creating this sub-collective field of enhanced potential for those you care about.

We are all interconnected. When you implement minor shifts in your own way of thinking it has tremendous effects on the One. Returning to neutrality is the strategy you've been seeking to regain a greater sense of direction, purpose and clarity in life! When you quiet down the mind, interrupting auto-looping negative thoughts, you regain your power and a sense of inner peace. It's a very simple maneuver, yet it requires discipline and practice.

Of course, if you really want to ramp up change, you can bypass the binary system of good and bad and move into LOVE for All That Is. While neutrality offers a more empowered state than judgment, LOVE takes it to the next level. This is why Mother Theresa said, “I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.”

What do you want to initiate more of into this world? Be very clear and be confident in your vision. Do not waste precious life force opposing others. That is energy that could have otherwise gone to fueling your vision for change. This also applies to when you are being opposed or argued with by others. Allow their judgments to flow past you. Do not counter them, for it will entangle you in a constricted dynamic of action-reaction, again wasting your time and energy. Instead, use it as yet another opportunity to more confidently state what you stand for.

To be clear, I'm not saying that judging others is wrong. That's just more judgment. Rather, I'm sharing the teaching I've received from my own Multidimensional Self - that judgment constricts your vision and clarity. It is a 3rd dimensional perspective based in duality, which has its place in the diversity of the All That Is. If you're satisfied with how you feel in this state, by all means, it is your free will to remain there. Or, is it your free will? I'll get into that another time.

Here's a tip:

The next time you catch yourself in judgment of another, take an energetic "snapshot". How did that event make you feel in your body, in your emotions? You will detect the energy draining from you. Immediately call back the judgment, forgive yourself, send LOVE to the person you just judged and return to neutral.

It's worth mentioning as I close that judgment blocks self-love. What you're judging someone else for is something you don't and won't accept about yourself. This is the definition, in my experience, of the shadow. It's just out of view and we can't yet see it, so we continue to project disapproval onto others.

Check in with your own patterns of judgment during the next month and you will also find where you've been blocking yourself.

With LOVE,


P.S. The other way to think of neutrality is curiosity. Knowing that, when you're in a polarized state of judgment, we don't have access to all of the information, keep an open mind about what you're not seeing. Become curious and consider what led that person to engage in the behavior that you are judging. Move into neutral observation, without prejudice or bias, based in what you think you know.

It's also a wonderful opportunity to become curious about what led you to judge them. What distortions are operating in your field that is limiting your field of inner and outer vision?

If you'd like greater connection to your inner vision and Higher Guidance, I invite you to consider hiring me on as your personal Chief Spiritual Officer for the next 5 months or to book "A Day With Aja", either in Paris or Boise.

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