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Message from The Hathors

“Greetings, it is we The Hathors. We come to you now, in this moment, to help you better understand the role that your group is playing and that you as individuals are playing. See before you a beautiful tapestry. Now focus in on one part and the backside of that one part. We know that this is what it can feel like to be in a human fractalized vehicle, feeling separate from the rest of your greater identity and the collective, feeling isolated and disconnected.

Now, we will help you come back into a greater connection, so that you may see the overall tapestry that is forming itself. This can be very hard to see when you are focused on one small part and the backside. Focus your consciousness now in your third eye. Here in your third eye there is a full-length mirror. Stand before the full-length mirror and take a look at yourself in human form. As you watch, the mirror begins to dissolve and another form begins to take form in front of your eyes, coming out of a mist or a fog, and another form, and another until you can see what looks like a beautiful spider web of connection between all of these points of light that you are. Some of your forms will simply be geometries. This is the purest distillation of consciousness and all biological life form merely an outgrowth and expression of this basic blueprint, this basic code, which has both light and sound, configured differently, arranged differently in a different holographic reality. This is why many of you are hearing the phrase that you are a world within a world, meant to express an entirely new system or civilization from within your field. Do you see?

You are the star seeds because you are seeding a new reality on the Earth plane in the physical dimension, helping to activate lost connections in much of the human population, bringing it into a greater state of awareness with an ability to tap higher dimensional realities and the multidimensional self, restoring what was lost. Do you see? You not only have the capability of changing timelines and time travel, and rewriting much of your own experience, you have this ability for the entire human collective. It is not from participating within the established and old timelines, that you've used for reference to resonate with the human population, that you will make these changes. It is by bringing in the new time lines.

You have gone through a very important initiation of the lightbody template. This will allow your transmissions to come through much more effectively and powerfully because you are not resonating at the lower, denser dimensional levels, which restrict the flow of information, energy, and light. You are many things, and you are bringing in an entirely new world, much of it shaped from your oversoul's experience. You are a conglomeration. You are a collaboration, and it brings all the fractals of your expression great joy to participate in this project. We are The Hathors.”


If you've been wanting to connect with your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides, and the beauty of multidimensional reality, prepare yourself to journey across dimensions in order to find the wisdom and support that will help you reconnect to your True Self. Welcome to Multidimensional Living

Ready to rEVOLUTIONize what it means to be human? Be part of an emergent community of awakening masters to share, support, and encourage one another to live your Soul Purpose in powerful new ways. Together, we are going to LIGHT this planet UP!

If you'd like to learn more about how you can more JOYously co-create a rich life of service by reconnecting to the magic of Multidimensional Living, I warmly invite you to schedule a complimentary 20-minute call with me here: Book Now

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