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Channeled Message from the Ancient Annunaki

Excerpt from a Private Session with Aja (January 2017)

Question: Will I need retirement benefits in the future?

Answer from Ancient Anunaki:

“We are the ancient Anunaki and we are here to redress many imbalances on the earth plane today. Your question around security unfortunately is the result of a long standing imposition of a vibrational field on the earth plane. The search for security is a never ending one with a never satisfying result if you will and that program overlay was put into place intentionally in order to subdue the human collective consciousness. That is why we are here because we are part of the restoration that you at the soul level are keenly interested in.

Understand that your search for security is a set up. It is in fact an illusion if you will. Simply asking that question and being in that frame of reference is a disempowering conversation. So, we are here to give you the encouragement and motivation to step beyond that conversation and focus on the work at hand and when you do that you will literally be stepping out of and beyond this overlay and all will fall into place and you will receive the incredible support that you at the soul level are capable of creating, of coordinating, of allowing.

We will re-direct you to a question and a conversation around let us say an energetic vibrational bank account. If every day you make an energetic deposit through your work, your passions, your interests, the way that you treat yourself, your self-talk, your self-nurture, your clearing out of negative influences, you will find that your physical environment will reflect the surplus in your energetic account beautifully, in ways frankly you could not quite expect.

Of course, on the other hand if daily you engage in an energetic withdraw, you will be most depleted and your physical environment will reflect that as well. That has been the trajectory you have been on like so many on the planet of course because of this overlay.

So, we are asking you now to perhaps not completely ignore this question of security but see it for what it is with a new perspective and awareness and engage in a very conscious daily practice of moving energetic funds into your account. Your account is simply your vibrational work field and all of the connections to the multiverse that run from it and through it. Seek to manage your energetic funds well. That is our best advice for you at this time.

We are the Anunaki restoration crew.” END

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