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Trust in Yourself and the Way Will Be Shown

As we move further into a powerful new timeline for Earth, one based in unity consciousness and a spirit of collaboration, we, the Wayhowers, are being tasked with manifesting new systems that reflect this more evolved consciousness across all aspects of our civilization.

As you seek to improve, heal, or re-engineer in the physical plane, you will stumble into moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. To pioneer, innovate, and lead change takes courage, confidence, and power. There will be days that you question your resolve.

On one such day in my own recent experience, I was mulling over the road ahead, wondering if I have the fortitude to carry out this large vision that I've been keepsaking in the unmanifest. Walking beside me appeared Yeshua, who offered me this steady line of support, "Trust in yourself and the way will be shown".

The feeling of relief was instant. A dense weight came off my shoulders. That's right. The approach called for now is to operate from a high vibration of self-love and self-trust. It is not fear driven. It is an open heart, a light heart.

As I prepared to write this article, I sat down on my meditation cushion and connected to my Higher Self/OverSoul. The energy flow activated my body in familiar, calming ways. My mind quieted down and my heart chakra expanded. It was in this state that I asked what does my community need to hear today? What should I write about? The card below fell out of the tarot deck and then Archangel Michael came in to share:

"In these early days of reawakening to a more expansive reality, much of humanity will feel bewildered and overcome with indecision. You must know that you have, within you, access to the wisdom you seek. As many of your mystics have taught, seek the answers not outside of yourself. It is the very act of questioning that will bring forward the most important aspect of your journey. You will come into contact with your own hesitation, your own fear. Upon further inquiry, you will find that your fear is an energy matrix, a system, if you will. It is not who you are. It is an overlay. Like a heavy blanket that is no longer needed, put this fear aside. Rise with a light heart and belief in your ability to create and you will see this dawn that you have been hoping and praying for. You must meet the morning of your new life with an open heart and minimal expectation. Only then will you perceive the entirety of what awaits you. "

From the Wildwood Tarot: "By preparing to step up and through the gateway and make a choice to allow forward momentum to flow naturally, the fashioning of a new mental discipline or processes, or the reawakening of a previously effective but abandoned one, may be required. By summoning and directing the powerful, healing energies available to you, the rough-hewn bow stave can be grasped and the process of shaping and crafting your destiny can begin. You stand at a crucial crossroads from which you can now move forward with confidence. Once the decision to take control of these elements and harness and direct your power is made, a new paradigm of possibilities is released.".

My message to those of you that hold a higher vision for humanity at this time is this - trust that you hold keys you didn't know you had. Then, commit to discovering them for yourself. For, with them, you will unlock heretofore hidden doorways and portals critical to exiting the labyrinth of programmed reality. Discovery will come from using the tools of mindfulness, meditation, chakra clearing and activation, shamanic journeywork and intention, to name a few. Ask for help and then take inspired action. Move forward not without fear, but in spite of it. Let the passion you hold for your vision outweigh the fear that holds you back. For, if you don't nurture that vision, who will?

If you'd like help unblocking and reactivating your Higher Mind via a restored connection to your Greater Self, I invite you to book a private clarity session with me here:

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