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Back from Egypt - Our Past Is Not Our Future

Wow. The Egypt mission is complete.

For those of you who don't know, I am regularly summoned via my Higher Guidance to go to specific locations on the planet at specific times. So, in December of 2016, when the news reached me (like a telegraph from above) that I was to travel to Egypt in 2017, I wasn't surprised. I knew of at least one past life I've had there - Hypatia of Alexandria. (Not surprisingly, I am now teaching much of what she taught in her own lifetime).

What I wasn't sure about was how I was going to find a group that would be a good fit to travel with. I'm a solo traveler on these missions of my mine. Of course, everything came together with amazing synchronicity and very little effort on my part. Thankfully, I've become adept at surrendering to my divine will, in the face of seemingly "logical" reasons to say no (it's too expensive, it's going to be hot in August! you will get sick like the last time you went to Africa, etc.).

I've only been home for a day or two, so I am still integrating much of what went down there. I am very clear on one thing, however. Our past is no longer going to dictate our future. Seriously. The shift our collective just went through is MASSIVE. The planetary grid work completed during the last month by millions of spiritual masters in human form all over this planet has shifted us permanently into a Higher Timeline, based in greater connection and reunion with the divine.


Adrienne shortly after an early morning initiation at the Temple of Isis and a major density release


While there is a lot of back story about this planet's history for you to research on your own, I will tell you that we are now in a new frequency of instant manifestation and unity consciousness. The group of fifty powerful beings I traveled with created a harmonic container through which much work was completed. I personally had my most profound experience of service at the Hathor Temple of Dendara. Thanks to an initiation I went through in meditation back in March guided by Horus and Anubis in the pit of the Great Pyramid (yes, I learned this is a very real place), I was prepared to do this planetary grid work during this trip. It involved going into my triad and reversing timelines, disintegrating destructive programming and pulling it out of the crystalline human-created grid of the planet.

What does this all mean? It means that we are purging density and distortion from our collective programming. All of the destruction and conflict based in duality is being effaced from our collective memory so that we are free to create something new, based in greater unity.

Those of you who reached out to me during my trip know just what I mean. The intensity of emotions, the feeling of anxiety and nervous breakdown, the old patterns returning, the physical symptoms of vertigo, insomnia, body pain and digestive issues. The field of epigenetics has demonstrated that trauma experienced generations ago can express itself in your body. The repressed shame, guilt, anger, resentment, and fury of our ancestors is all being released. Phew! This is no small work we are up to.

The great news is that as this density clears, you are working with a much more powerful vessel (your merkabah) to channel your own Higher Guidance, free from the distortion that has plagued generations.

Surrender to the process. By early September, we will be moving into a bit of an easier time. Get extra rest, drink more water, get some exercise. And smile with joy, because you are now freer than ever to create what you thought impossible. Our task is very clear: hold the highest vision for all of humanity now. Having made the Great Pyramid vibrate and shake in a way our tour guides had never experienced, I know we are all more than up to the task!

To learn more about Aja and how you can step more into your True Self, check out the Fall 2017 Emergence Retreat.

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